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What was cut!

For those who wanted something to learn about that Epic Elf 2 game I produced!
I made quite a few cuts to keep the game a little more professional. Some ideas I had didn't quite make it into the final project. Here's what I did;

1) I was gonna make an underwater graveyard level, an outer space level, and a dark realm stage. In the end, I scrapped the ideas. Didn't know where those levels would fit into the quest.

2) I got rid of the "Battle Help" ability (where it displays enemy hints). The game in my opinion was easy enough to figure out. I also cut out the "Flee Battle" ability and used the Fog Bombs you find to avoid enemies that are just in the way.

3) I got rid of all the battle scrolls (found in the first Epic Elf game). I limited the battle items to only healing scrolls. Keepin' it real! The Battle Cards don't exist either.

4) I was gonna have Hex (from the first Epic Elf) become one of the minions in the game. In the end, I figured the four main characters will be enough to get the job done.

5) The final boss was also gonna be a different foe altogether. But I'm happy with the one I ended up using. The 'Giant Squid' boss was also cut out.

6) I was gonna make more side quests to tie up some of the cliffhangers; but decided to hold off on 'em if I decide to make Epic Elf 3. So that's one of the reasons why the first Epic Elf was much longer. I'm not gonna make an Epic Elf 2 Epic Edition; maybe just an expansion that you can use your old save file with.

That's about all I can think of for now. Did anyone beat this game yet?!?!


A Halloween Gift!

I'm glad to say that I finally finished Epic Elf 2. I didn't have a Halloween game this year, so I added some spooky themes to this one to make up for it (I guess).
Anyhoo, if anyone has the chance to play through this one and throw me some feedback or comments; I'd appreciate it! They always help me out!
For those who played the first Epic Elf and didn't get into it, this one is much different. I'd say a whole lot easier to pick up and finish compared to the first Epic Elf. I tried to make it a mix of Final Fantasy, Zelda, Castlvania, Breath of Fire, and of course, the first Epic Elf. I'd go into detail with all that but I'll wait until someone asks.
Thanks for taking the time to read this and hope ya'll enjoy my latest adventure.
Oh, keep in mind that it is much more offensive than the first. Parents be warned!


Open to feedback!

Hey fellow RPG fans! I've been playing these things for years, making 'em since RPG Maker showed up on the PS One, and trying to figure out how to present better adventures. Because I'm not a great story teller (that's why I joke with my dialogue quite often) I'm just wondering if those who played my games like what they see and can help me with suggestions to make 'em run smoother and play better. This next project PotK (wow) needs work and if you have time to throw some two cents my way I'll always take notes! Thanks and all that jazz.
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