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A Halloween Gift!

I'm glad to say that I finally finished Epic Elf 2. I didn't have a Halloween game this year, so I added some spooky themes to this one to make up for it (I guess).
Anyhoo, if anyone has the chance to play through this one and throw me some feedback or comments; I'd appreciate it! They always help me out!
For those who played the first Epic Elf and didn't get into it, this one is much different. I'd say a whole lot easier to pick up and finish compared to the first Epic Elf. I tried to make it a mix of Final Fantasy, Zelda, Castlvania, Breath of Fire, and of course, the first Epic Elf. I'd go into detail with all that but I'll wait until someone asks.
Thanks for taking the time to read this and hope ya'll enjoy my latest adventure.
Oh, keep in mind that it is much more offensive than the first. Parents be warned!


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So I guess the things I'm looking for from people are the following;
Was the game too long or too short?
Does the soundtrack work?
Were my 'custom' enemies any good?
Was the game too easy or still too hard?
Did the game have too much swearing?
Do you like chicken more than pork?
I guess that'll do for now.
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