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Hello community!

Funny story, I finished this game back in 2004, with the RPG maker 2000. It was a small game I made for my little niece, but after I submitted it to the interwebs, I found out many people actually liked it. A lot!

The game isn't a traditional RPG. As matter a fact, there is no combat available in this game. You run around, tag other muds to gain points. As you progress, levels get harder, muds tend to chase you, to steal points away from you. It even features big bad boss battles, and your own(crammy)level editor!

I might give the game an overall update if people want, but I'm more likely to finish part III someday(yes, part II is out as well, get it!)

Of course, feedback, is always welcome!

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This is a decent little time whiler. I say go ahead and finish the third!
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