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I am back

After about three years, i have decided to return to this project. But a lot will be changed and any of the previous content will be scrapped or remade entirely in the rpgboss engine.

I hope to be able to finish the game sometime this year, or early 2016. The general story will be the same but i am planning to do some major design changes.

So why the switch to rpgboss?
1. i lost the original project and getting rpg maker 2000 to run on windows 8.1 is near impossible without emulation.
2. rpgboss offers publishing your windows, mac and linux with is a huge +.
3. I want to try something new.


Taking a break...

This may dissapoint some of you... But due to many reasons so have i decided to take a break from The Sewers. I will make it and all that, i just need a break. And the most important reason is:

I am planning a big game in a better RPG maker engine insted of 2000, And i will be getting help from a lot of people, on the project. So i hope you can wait a little and support my new project while you wait.

NOTE: It's not horror!


Demo 2 or BETA 2 is now released!

Now, the reason it may is short for you is the following:
I mostly tried to fix bugs and add more exploration...
I wanted to show off the James and Bryan sequence, to get you engaged...
I wanted to reveal the release date.

And most importantly i made it so Thomas. J. Peters (Composer for the game) could see how the music would be ingame. So if you want you can leave a comment here and tell him what you think of the tracks.

BTW: The soundtrack will soon be avaialble at bandcamp for around $3.00 or $4.00
which means a really cheap album!
NOTE: The tracks are copyrighted and can not be used without permission. Without permisson, Private use is only allowed!

Thank you for all the support!


Hosting to a new level!

The game just got verified and accepted at indiedb and moddb!
So now i have more places to share news on!

So if you have a indiedb or moddb account, go and track the game now!

And hopefully Desura too!

In other news!
I'm having a demo coming up in the upcoming weeks with the new tracks and 13 new rooms, more gameplay.... But for story limits some parts may be skipped in the demo...

The demo will be added here, Indiedb and Moddb

Progress Report

Soundtrack Completed!

The official Soundtrack for the game is now completed:

Thanks to Thomas. J. Peters for the music!

For those who want to listen to it: Your text to link here...
And for those wanting to get should be looking forward to the bandcamp page, Thomas. J. Peters is setting up soon!

NOTE: These Tracks are copyrighted! Use without permission is not allowed! for more information and Soundtrack questions check the soundtrack page here: Your text to link here...

Hope you like the tracks!


FINALLY! I did finally get some time to start working again!

Sorry for the lack of updates...
But school just started and i had a bunch of homework, but now that they slowed down a bit i could work more on this project, so why not start off with a new blog?

I'm done with Bryan's face:

You ARE allowed to use it in your game... but CREDIT is required, or advertising for the sewers!

And i'm also happy to announce that i'm planning the release of a new demo! Yup, it's comng in the upcoming weeks, this one also whows the different tracks for the soundtrack too!

I jus't got rpg maker XP, so my next game will be made with it!
Thank you for all the support!


The First Demo is now available for download!

This demo contains lots of bugs and the full release may not look exactly like this...

Please note that the zip file for the full release will not be this big...
The music: Spine Chiller will not be used in the full release, There is no copyright on the song spine chiller, you are free to use it in your game or whatever you want...
The song The Sewers Title theme is copyrighted and is composed by everguard and is not to be used in your game or anything like that without permission from hennamann and everguard!

Hope you enjoy the game demo (;


The readme file can be downloaded as a standalone, and will not be avaialble togehter with the game before full release!
Hope you enjoy the game!



i hope to get a demo containing some early gameplay tomorrow... so for those who wanna try ti should check here tomorrow for a free download of the demo... The date for the full release is still not known but i hope to get it done before christmas...
The demo will be available until full release or another demo...

In other news:
we just got the first track for the soundtrack!
So this track will be played in the opening menu and in the main menu:

The rest of tracks including this one can be found on the soundtracks page here

Hope you look forward to the demo!

- Hennamann

Progress Report

The "flooding" Room...

i added a new room!
I call it the flood room!
Here it is:

So it's called the flood room because usually it is flooded with water... this si actually pretty common in sewers... as you never know what can come into the sewers... these rooms keeps junk away from going to the sewerwatercleaner room, and when a month has passed they can simply remove the water "flooding" in the room and remove the trash and start the "flooding" again?
But what is really hiding in this "flooding" room?


Testers Needed!

So, do you think this game sound interesting?
Why not become a tester. and help me find bugs, test the game before release,
So i just need a tester, but there are some important things:
  • You Has to look almost everywhere to find bugs
  • You have to be good with descriptions (describing of bugs you may find)
  • You must be able to make screenshots (taking screenshots of bugs...)
  • Keeping major spoilers in the game secret!

That's it. hope you wanna become a tester.
i guess i will need three for now...
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