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Episode 1's story:
December 20, 2011 a fire raged in the town of Lakewood many people died there where
no survivor's where found, the search party looked for days and found nothing a week after that on the news. A couple went past Lakewood on their way on holiday, family said they never heard from them ever again. They say they get phone call's at night

with the women screaming blue murder on the phone.The police could not get to the bottom of it so they put the CIA in control, and sometimes the family of the couple would see them in their house taking knives and stabbing them selves. An can still hear their call's in the houses halls.

Episode 2:
After Maggie sent back up Mark arrived and when he was about to free you something locked all three of you in the cellar, Now you must make your way out to the house and find the manuscripts and get to the bottom of the hauntings of Lakewood.
Even if it kills you but what does the house and Lakewood have in store you no one knows this episode will embark you in choice making and intense story telling adventure and intense drama.

This game is rated 18 for strong language and it will scare the crap out of you. But don't play if you prone to night terrors and are against ghosts. Use the toilet before you play please.

Name: Jason Cotwal
Ranking: Detective
Relationship: Divorced
He was married to Julie Cotwal she died in a car accident, from then he never stopped working, he worked day in and day out. Till one day Colt, Jason's boss gave him a case to go out and find out about the fire and missing person's from Lakewood, so he did arrive but what secrets is in store for him in Lakewood.

Name: Jane Parsons
Ranking: Agent
Relationship: None
Her and Jason have worked long together they where partners back in 09, she came to work one night and Colt told her
to go and assist Jason at Lakewood. She arrived there and saw blood everywhere, and she raced into a house and found Jason sleeping and sweating. But the town of Lakewood also has her number.

Name: Mark
Ranking: Agent
Relationship: None
He has started at the CIA just about 2 years ago and lives alone, He just works, works and works he has no other life. He is a very tough soul and will take anything head on.


Dark gaia for One Night 2
RR Revolution
Fatal frame
Silent hill

Khas lights effects
Footstep noise
Gripping story line
Episode sequels
Swearing....Rated M for mature 18+
More puzzles and your choice is your ending
You can switch on your flash light or off(off for more scare)
Item read from menu

Completion date
TBA or N/A because I don't believe in completion dates anymore because its useless to do so I never own up to it or I finish a game before it, And it turns out ot be a bad game so I am taking my time with this one as you can see the distinction between E1 and E2. E2 revolves around the story and gameplay, So yeah the game will be done when its done.


Lakewood Story Future
This game is one game that I am busy with and means a lot to me I have made all kinds of games with UDK and Unity 3d and VX. But I am one man and can not do anything with unity and UDK so this game is one project I promise you guys it will be perfect and substitutionaly precise to your taste it wont be cheasy like my other games. This is my promise to you all from Lakewood story E2 further I will be what a game maker is meant to be from this and on to Dragonvale 2 and on I want you to see in this site when I post a game...Oh NecromireGames YES! love their games and you will immediately download my games that is my dream and I will full-fill it.


Sorry guys but Lakewood story E2 is going on Hiatus for now I am to busy with Dragonvale 2 at the moment when I have a gap I will carry on with this series but for now it will be on hold it is about 78% complete sorry again.

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Game trailer Yes or No?

I want to know by you people if I should make a game trailer for this games just post here and tell me what you think of the idea. Also this game means alot to me and further episodes as well this saga of Lakewood story means alot to me all the games I made mean alot to me so just tell me what you think of the idea for a game trailer.
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Yip another Lakewood story episode is coming towards you. Stay tuned for updates and sneak peeks. :)
Thought you found the manuscripts in episode one?
What's the point then there is no game if you do all of what there is to do in the first episode. In E2 you find them all.
What's the point then? There's no game if you do all of what there is to do in the first episode.
What..? Not sure if I understand what you mean, lol do you not want people doing everything they can in the 1st episode?
I meant that you can't do everything in one game what is the point of me making more episodes if you do everything on one game.
There are going to only be 3 episodes of this saga. Reason being it is to much work for me and I will run out of ideas so only 3 episodes.
Sorry guys but the game is taking, longer then I expected :)
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