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Helmsreach is an old school JRPG with an epic, silly plot, some custom features, and a healthy dosage of humor. Play as an amnesia-struck hero who must collect the Four Orbs of Ultimate Power to attain immortality so that he may rise up to defeat the evil warlock Severyn and stop his hordes of monsters from taking over the world. Recruit some party members and make a few friends along the way as you discover information about your past life. Visit towns, go spelunking in some dungeons... all that good old typical RPG jazz. Helmsreach is currently very early in development, but upon completion I suspect it should encompass a solid 5-10 hours of gameplay.

This isn't what you would call a "serious" project by any stretch of the imagination, but it's been fun for me as a developer to work on and it's given me a chance to work with mechanics that I previously had little to no experience with (see: variables, branching conditions). I also love games that don't take themselves so seriously when the subject matter is so obviously ridiculous, so Helmsreach is a bit of a wet dream for me.

  • Custom alchemy system. Make your own potions (and maybe spells?) by combining different ingredients.

  • Learn by doing in battle a la Final Fantasy 2. Using the "Fight" command frequently will boost your Attack, using the "Magic" command frequently will boost your Intelligence, etc.

  • Bows that actually require arrows to use!.

  • Lockpicking system based on your agility/intelligence (because thieves must be agile and intelligent)!

  • Lock bashing for warriors and lock opening spells for mages!

  • Move speed based on agility stat, and a run key!

  • Other cool stuff!

Latest Blog

Cancellation (For Now)

As of today, I've set Helmsreach's production status as cancelled.
Note that this does not mean I'm done with the game, but my idea of what it was going to be has changed significantly, and I think I could do it more justice if I started on it again on a better engine like VX Ace.

For now, I've stopped working on Helmsreach, but once I get a copy of VX Ace and finish up my current project The Chronicles of Engea, I'll be working on it again. My vision for the game has shifted from a comedic JRPG to something a bit more serious and open-ended. I'm thinking something like a 2D top down Might and Magic-esque game with a huge open world, a minimalistic story, party creation, and an emphasis on exploration and lore. Whether I stick to that vision when I finally get to working on it again remains to be seen, but I think the finished Helmsreach will likely be very different from what you currently see on the gamepage.

Anyway, that's all for now. I'll likely be returning to this once I finish The Chronicles of Engea, which hopefully will be by 2013.
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Nice to see good 'ol 2k3 old school up in this biotch!
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