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Fox is back, in completely NEW Fox Pac Quest ideological sequel.

In another dimension, the villainous nanovirus Hexus, with the help of his mechanical army, takes over the city of Gearpolis and shutdown its lead - ruler X.L.A. But before she got thrown away into dump, X.L.A. summons a random heroic creature from other dimension.
The dimension portal unfortunately has chosen the Fox and his pals from his dimension...

Original game - http://rpg-atelier.net/showgame.php?gid=458

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Comparisons between this and original

Ok, this game, FPQv2, is sequel to Fox Pac Quest, 2005 year.
But this is completely different game, with different and modified gameplay, other story, other characters except Fox, and different atmosphere... and yes, original was BAD.
Still it has some similarities which shows FPQv2's origins.

Intro animation

These two guys, they was intro NPC, and now they are two major characters

Weapon/bubble counter

They both has christmas-based level, only this one is hidden

Bramble Scramble rip-off level, that much I love it

Lava-pool level with small bridge in the middle of it

That level

And that is all, I guess.
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  • Dragol
  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
  • Action Puzzle
  • 03/20/2008 02:43 AM
  • 11/12/2012 02:24 AM
  • 12/31/2012
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I must say that robot chick looks awesome.
I am tired of Earth. These people. I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives.
This has a really inventive style! Good work!
I really like your pixelart! Can't wait to see a demo.
I loved Fox Pac Quest 1 and I can't wait for this one!
Thx, a new video has been added.
woah i just watched the video and its kool i cant wait whens the next download
when is the download out i can't wait
Oh wow another cartoonist! I'm so going to play all these now. I didn't realize there were things that looked like this in the community.
How close are you to finishing this, Dragol?

Errr... 80%~
How close are you to finishing this, Dragol?
Errr... 80%~

I'm waiting too :D Huh 3 months. What's the status ?
WHOA wow wow. two tails? that is a sexy idea...
dragol always makes unique games with neat concepts. it's very refreshing.
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