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Life is peaceful in Sommini Village, there is no crime, or anger, or hate. In fact there is not much of anything. Every resident of Sommini Village finds themselves lulled peacefully into their final moments of their Spirit Timer...until it finally runs out. Akal finds himself trapped in this sleepy village, with the curse placed upon him. Can you find his way to freedom. and escape his Spirit Timer?

Life is a fickle thing. You can be walking down the road one moment and the next second. You'll find your life ending before your eyes. You can never know when you are going to die. But what if you did?

What if you knew the exact second you were going to die. What would you do? Would you do everything you could, to extend your life whatever the cost? Will you give up and accept your fate? Would you sacrifice yourself to save another. Would you live every day as if it was your last?

The Spirit Timer can be a blessing and a curse for those of Somini Village. What will you see it as?


  • Time based challenges and game play
  • Professional Voice Acting
  • Dynamic Dungeons
  • Psychological Trickery

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New Updates

We're not dead, yet.

Graphical Update
This first update is a complete revamp of the mapping for Spirit Timer, we felt that although the maps looked amazing as is, we wanted to bring the darker side of our maps out more, make them more "grittier". if that's the word for it. but anywho...we'll just let the maps speak for themselves:

Music Update
I've begun work on the official Soundtrack for Spirit Timer, originally we were using some beautiful Royalty Free music from Kevin MacLeod, however it was decided that although the music that we chose was beautiful, we wanted the feeling of the world of Sommini to be referenced fully in the music. So for the end of this blog update I welcome you to listen to just a small sample of the OST
  • Production
  • Jonnie91
  • Shaddow
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • Puzzle
  • 08/31/2012 04:45 PM
  • 12/13/2014 01:20 PM
  • 12/01/2014
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Why aren't there any comments ;_; Didn't know this was on RM.net!

Here's my opinion (from what I can see):

1: Having the timer on at all times would be best, that way people know when their time is up. (Possibly increasing the time to 1 hour would be nice as well, but 30 minutes should be enough for anyone who puts their mind to it).

2: Adding on a 2nd part to this game (with no timer), would also be really interesting. Maybe add a side quest or sideline idea where after beating the game; you can then take the time to actually explore and enjoy it, rather than being on a time limit.

3: The sprites are indeed very nice, and the character concept is rather astonishing as well; keep up the good work.

4: Hopefully this game doesn't require that you INSTALL it onto your computer, otherwise; I know I won't be able to play it.

5: Also, adding on a way to SAVE your current progress would be nice; like for example, when you enter the menu, it pauses the time... you know? That way people don't have to constantly re-do the same puzzle over and over again.

So far, this game looks VERY promising and I hope it gets finished ASAP so I can play it ASAP... I am HIGHLY intrigued and very determined to play as well as BEAT this game.
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
i think a timed game will have issues and complaints no matter what whats more important then listening to others when making something is to make your own choices and decisions on how it will be
then if others like it great some wont maybe even many wont, but really all that matters is if you liked it
many anime/manga get ruined due to this the great thing about another person is they can think differently come up with things the other may of not even considered and whether people like it or not it was their creation so it should be respected sadly people are generally not mature or smart enough to understand this
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
So I'm hoping this is still being worked on. I always like the idea and nature of the game.

Any foreseeable updates?
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