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The Drop - Version 1.32! New character!

  • Deltree
  • 03/29/2014 12:45 AM
Happy almost-April-1st! If you're reading this, The Drop Version 1.32 is now available for download! Why is this one so special? Well, an idea I've had for some time has finally come to fruition, and hopefully you can wring a few more hours out of The Drop while I'm still working on How Far. Maybe. Anyway, here are the change notes:

-Here comes a new challenger! Dehl Sikohlon is now a playable character! You can choose him from the second page of the "Special Characters" screen at any time.
-Magic Stitch now correctly heals Body health.
-Fixed an issue where it's possible to walk outside of the map in a certain area.
-Fixed a crash bug (again) that can occur after defeating the final boss.
-The final secret character now begins with some Soul-damaging magic as well.
-Removed all floor elements from the final boss' lair. Beware: it's an actual fight now!
-The spell "Calamity" now correctly inflicts Mind damage.
-The spell "Snowstorm" now correctly inflicts Soul damage.
-The spells "Thunderclash" and "Jolt" now has the correct icon.
-Hints should no longer get stuck on the screen after being defeated in Hardcore mode.

Dehl is a challenging character; if Xopi is defeated, he will fall too! Good luck!


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Oh my. I was not expecting Dehl and Xopi to return until How Far. This is a pleasant surprise!

Removed all floor elements from the final boss' lair. Beware: it's an actual fight now!

You mean you removed the acid and putrid water, so you can't just use them to punch through the element shield? This will require TV Tropes updates.
doesn't live here anymore
The regular water and grass, too. *whip crack*
Whew! Just finished it. The final floors gave me a lot of trouble.

To be honest I'm not entirely sure what to think of it. I feel almost like it fit the story better to have Dehl remain a mystery. The impression I got from the other characters is that he dropped off the face of the planet like Fero and nobody knows much about him. But now we can play as him at any point and none of the other characters seem to react much? Tehgonan's just like "Hey remember that horribly traumatic incident where you had a psychotic break? Good times!", Alito gives the standard "LOL u suk" speech, Yfus just says "screw you" like he does to everyone else, Rehm's only response is WHY WON'T YOU WRITE ME MOOOORREE :((((( It makes it seem more like they're regularly in touch and him returning is no big deal, when everything else seemed to point to him being very secluded and hidden from everyone else.

The fact that he's willing to murder enemies without batting an eye was also strange to me; the impression I got from The Reconstruction's ending is that he became a for-realsies pacifist, yet now he's less of a pacifist than Rehm?

I can see why you'd want this to be a chapter in the series' history with what happens at the end, but I still felt like it didn't jive with the rest of the game.

Xopi is also freaking suicidal. How can he even tell where aggressive enemies are if he's blind? Escort missions, man. Is it possible to heal him at all?

Oh, and a bug: If Xopi's defeated, after Dehl gets follow-up defeated, if you press a key (like Z), Dehl will briefly reappear to execute that action before getting hit with the soul damage and defeated again. I think it halves your favor again, too, because I noticed my remaining favor felt like less than half.

(I was also surprised to see the Tatzylvurm's redesign, he looks a lot different now. I liked the original version better since he looked more like he did in TR, but I guess this version is more detailed and fits with the portrait styles.)

Edit: Oh, and does Dehl appear at the base camp on other characters' routes now, or does he keep to himself like Tez?
doesn't live here anymore
Oh hey, I'm glad you got through it (and found a bug, even!) I'll admit I liked the original idea of ambiguity too, so I guess the idea is that he's kind of drifting along and is numb to everything around him. It's not that he'd gone into hiding - rather, that he's trying to be everywhere at once. Really, the implication is that Xopi dragged him into it, rather than the other way around. Also, it sets something up to come way off in the future that I thought I might as well put in writing!

Mostly, though, it was a technical experiment to see how much (or little) trouble it would be to plug in more characters/content over time. (Answer: not too much!) The next game is still a ways off, and I would like to keep the dead air in the meantime to a minimum if I can. At least now I can check off "forced escort gimmick" as a method of prolonging difficulty!
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