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Updated February 26th, 2013.

In The Drop, you have the option of playing as one of several pre-made characters, or creating your own from scratch.

Returning characters from The Reconstruction

Original Characters

Create your own hero from one of four races. Customize your name, class, appearance, background story, and traits to your liking.

Early leaders in exploration, travel, and trade, and the dominant inhabitants of the nations of New Wadassia and Nal. Their adaptabilty makes them suitable for many professions - magical or physical - and their proficiency is restricted only by their dedication.

Brawny, tough, lizardlike beings, the Shra were mostly enslaved by the other races until the practice was outlawed at the start of The Third Reconstruction. They come in a wide variety of colors and temperaments. Many remain uneducated or primal in nature, but those that have managed to find their way to the Drop are just as eager as any other race to see what lies beneath. They excel in Body stats.

A cultural dedication, mostly composed of lifelong-devoted humans (called "pure" Fortians) but also open to members of non-human races, if they so choose. Fortians are orderly and scholarly to a fault, devoting their lives to the study of one or more specific elemental affinities of magic. Like the Fih'Jik, their home of Fortifel was lost to the cataclysm that occurred, but many have stubbornly refused to leave, seeking to rebuild instead. The already-potent air of magical energy surrounding the Drop seems to be further amplifying the magical talents of your average Fortian. They excel in Mind stats.

The devout, catlike Fih'jik made their home in the sands of Do'Ssha and Kir'Ssha for hundreds of years. The cataclysm that occurred before the Lord-God's ascension buried their ancestral homes in ash once more, forcing the handful of survivors to flee and integrate themselves with the world's other communities. Many still uphold their pious nature - service to a being known only as The Supreme One - while others rely on their agility and wile to make their mark. They excel in Soul stats.


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Ooh, will we be seeing the aftereffects of the cataclysm and the Third Reconstruction? Exciting.
doesn't live here anymore
It will be touched upon in things like pre-existing characters' background stories and maybe some idle chatter. It's still not a sequel proper (to me) but it wraps up a couple things.
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