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Character Creation Example

  • Deltree
  • 02/17/2013 05:25 PM
Quick run-through showing a custom character being built. Some interface elementas and the "overworld" map are incomplete.

Direct link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NFpWhyahOPY


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why would i heal when i could equip a morningstar
your sound effects and eerything askdfnlasgnlagnlasng so good

i am jealous of your ability to gam mak.
i am jealous of your ability to gam mak.

The flavor text for the traits are delightful. You've really put a lot of thought into this.

So this is what Skint would have been like if he was playable? Huh.
doesn't live here anymore
I pretty much came up with it using him as an example on the spot. It'd probably be pretty close though.

Glad you all are liking it!
Woah..never seen such an awesome character creator in rpg maker before, good job on this! :O
The Guardsman background is very interesting...I remember in the demo how hugely important defense was, and those with good defense in one category could pretty much ignore attacks of those kind, at least at first. So it seems to be a huge initial boost that will eventually even out later on.

Love the way this is set up, though, so many options! Too bad I'll probably be going after all the unique character endings. Although if I still need to unlock some people I'll be sure to give this a try and see how much I can mix/max. xD

I love all the special challenge traits at the end - great job with that.

One question though - Shra have a fast metabolism?
Considering that babies can survive for a while year after being thrown out of the city, I'd expect it to be very slow. The faster a metabolism, they need food more often, yeah? But adult Shra can survive for years off of only booze if Rehm's any indication. I guess there's just something else that keeps their body so strong?
doesn't live here anymore
You and your science!!!

Maybe I'll exchange "fast" with "efficient."
Hm...yeah, I like that a lot more. Getting more nutrients out of food than other species makes a heck of a lot more sense given what we know about them. I know it's a tiny detail, but yeah, I love my science. xD
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