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Fifteen Years Ago: The world trembled. Civilization was leveled on a global scale. An opportunist known only as The Lord-God used his si'shra armies to raze and control what was left, commanding from atop the stone tower that raised from the part of the sea over an area of ocean known as the Drop.

Five Years Ago: A guild of forgotten heroes returns unannounced, eventually toppling the madman's regime and bringing about The Third Reconstruction as society reforms.

Six Months Ago: The Drop collapses in upon itself, leaving a gaping, seemingly-bottomless hole in the ocean. Curious adventurers from around the world gather to see the depths for themselves. Early reports tell of a strong magical pervasion, granting even those unskilled in elemental arts the ability to wield magic, and of segments of land and even living creatures from other parts of the world suddenly appearing within.