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  • Erave
  • 07/22/2007 02:45 AM
Games like these are to review as they don't fit into a good list of criteria to judge upon.

To sum it up, this is Brickroad's fanfic to FF6 which is actually a prequel to the story. The story is engaging, well paced, well written, and emotional. While I didn't cry like others may have said; I did symphasize with the characters and enjoyed the plot emmensely. What impressed me the most was the excellent dialogue and pacing of the story. The story flowed well and the scenes had enough space and fluency to deliver. Overall, this "rm2k-fic" is a nice watch and a good way to spend 30 minutes.

Bravo Brickroad.


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Max McGee
with sorrow down past the fence
fails current review standards
Key word "current", as in 4 years after this review was written.
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