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Version 0.04 (DEMO #4) 10 MB


With the world of humans consumed in a war, the troops of the empire have been spread thin, and many have seen this as an opportunity to overthrow the organized government. The isolated continent of Annakova remains untouched by this war. It is a small continent populated by fishermen, farmers and an evil governor that will do anything to oppress his people so they do not rise up as others have.

The Awakening:
The oppressive governor has been murdered the previous night and the woman that killed him faces an execution if she cannot escape. This woman, Maia quickly finds her way out of her prison cell and releases three allies, one; Geo was a squire, unjustly thrown into prison for a crime that he claims he cannot remember. The next ally Kraus isn't just a petty thug or bully, his true allegiance is much larger than anyone anticipates. The final ally is Morgan, the foreseer that was imprisoned for not being able to foresee that the governor would be murdered. The four of them quickly escape the prison, only to have Kraus ditch their party and rejoin his secret allegiance.

Chapter 1: Absolved:
With Maia marked for death, the first thing the party must do is be absolved of their crimes. There are only two people on Annakova that can do that. The governor's widow is one of them, but she wants the head of Maia, and later wants the heart of Geo. The next is the previous governor that was exiled to a haunted tower on a tiny fog covered island.

However, getting to the tower is the challenge. The trio must first find a way out of their chains, by seeking out a locksmith who is not pleasant to escapees. In the meantime, the trio can find refuge in the guilds. Magic, fighting and thieving guilds are the main three on Annakova. With these guilds come quests, gold and a reputation.

Once the trio have earned a key from the locksmith, they will soon meet a ship's captain named Baux who will demand treasure. Not your treasure, a treasure that is hidden in a shrine at the southern point of the continent. The party of four will gain the treasure, but not before encountering, Seiko, the undefeatable reaper that takes souls to his master. He knows all, he knows Maia, because she was around the governor's death.

After the treasure is obtained, Captain Baux will take the trio to the tiny island where all four of them will fight their way to the top. The mysterious man in exile is untrusting, and requires the party to perform good deeds. He will also give them orbs that will recall the good deeds, so that the exiled man can see them.

The major good deed is when the governor's mansion is burning down. It has been invaded and set ablaze by a band of rogues that have seen the governor's death as an opportunity to strike! The trio will join forces with the guards of the mansion to retake it by force and face off against the leader of the rogues! After which, the governor's beautiful young widow will come face to face with the handsome young Geo. He will be captivated by her beauty.

The trio will not be greeted as heroes though until they are absolved of their crimes.

Chapter 2: Tringala
On their way home from the tower, the ship of Baux is blown off course and the ship slams into the small island of Tringala. It might be a small island, but the forests are so thick and dense that it makes travel difficult. Maia and Baux set out to gather wood to repair the ship, but they are soon captured by the hostile natives.

Morgan and Geo set out to find them in the village, but once they are found, there is another problem, Baux and Maia are frozen solid from a paralyzing poison. Geo and Morgan must find a potion to cure them, which is where alchemy comes to be used in the main quest.

Once they have found the ingredients to make the potion, Geo and Morgan return to find Maia gone. She has been taken to the top of a mountain to be sacrificed to the local legendary blue dragon! The heroes must get through the natives and their chief in order to save her, before the blue dragon comes for his sacrifice.

When the heroes rescue Maia, it angers their gods of the underworld and the mountain opens up into a volcano! The party is swallowed into an erupting volcano and must escape not only the volcano, but the island as well!

Chapter 3: Immortality
This is the first step into the massive world of the game. The four of them travel with Morgan's girlfriend to the huge continent of Bronga, which is a continent being tapped by the empire for its resources and soldiers. Bronga features a fighting arena, where the heroes must compete in a tournament against other parties!

With the victory of a tournament, it gives Maia, Geo and Morgan to a meeting with the governor of Bronga, whose daughter has been kidnapped by a wizard named Magnus. The trio set off to save the governor's daughter, and encounter a swordsman named Kilmer, who joins them to save the girl. The heroes meet an old foe from Annakova inside the cave, before they face off against the wizard Magnus.

After saving the governor's daughter, they are invited to a dinner. A dinner of nobles, commanders and last but not least, the governor's widow and her council will come face to face with Maia.

At the dinner, the governor will tell the heroes of a way the humans can win the war abroad. Immortality. There is a legend of a god named Garuda who has granted sea travelers immortality so they can live to get back to their home. The tower of the winged Garuda is on its own huge island. If Garuda will not give immortality, the heroes are to kill the immortal Garuda.

When the heroes fail to defeat Garuda, they are imprisoned for failing at their task. The only way out of this stronger prison is for Maia to tap into her powers, unknown even to her, but awakened when she dreams.

Demo #4 new / updated features

- new second continent east of the original (there is actually a third continent, but I have not done anything with that yet). The second continent is twice the size of the original continent, and it is more dense than the original. The second continent has some big land masses, joined by a network of tunnels.
- The second continent is not yet complete, only just the major land mass in the center is complete.
- New towns, villages, a mansion, a collisseum, caves, tunnels, woods, shrines, and a tower have all been added.
- the player can compete in the collisseum and in tournaments.
- Also at the collisseum, you can bet on and watch monster fights (there is not that big of variety right now for the monster fights). Bets are done in ratios, bet 10 GP on a monster with 2 odds get 20 GP. Get the drift?
- New mini game Pachisi (board game), where you are given dice rolls to make it to the end of the board. There are good spaces that give gold and health, there are bad spaces that damage you, drop you through the floor and so much more! The shrine you find the Pachisi in is located on the northern island of the second continent. You need play tokens to play though.
- You must go through the dating system in order to get off of the first continent.
- The dating system is also GREATLY improved since Demo #3. There were bugs in the system, now there is not.
- More dreams were added. The dreams are just as strange as before, but now that the game has progressed so far, there are dreams that pertain to things in the game. In other words, nightmares that haunt the characters.
- Bugs involving dreams were squashed.
- A little dream counter was added so people cannot keep jumping into bed to view all of the dreams. (dreams only happen with certain characters, and other dreams you have to have had events in the game.)
- Realism bug fixed, where if you turned off the bounty when the game first starts, you would not be able to pass the first guard, now you can, just walk around him.
- leveled enemies, so as your levels go up, the variety of enemy attacks increases. Such as a giant worm would only attack, until you are at level 10, then it will try to bite you in half.
- much smarter enemies. They will heal themselves, some will run if outnumbered, others will protect their nests with lethal force when they would not use that same force if it were not a nest.
- There is more of a variety of battles, some are beat the clock, others are survive the clock. oh and classic fight to the finish battles of course.
- More game customization. Find books to change your classes, and when you are done with chapter 1 you have the oppertunity to revert your classes from prisoner.
- New clan with new side quests.
- More variety to quests in general.
- Fall tiles, fall through one floor to another and appear on the exact position before.
- Teleportation... Yes, other games have it, but mine doesn't, now it does. Scrolls, spells, items that will teleport you to past towns, villages and mansions.
- More conditions / spells... I went digging and imagining when having to upgrade the AI of enemies. I've added some very good conditions and spells. Airhead, Ironize, Stopspell (different than silence), and more are added to the already great amount of spells and conditions.
- As it stands right now, if you just wiz through the game doing only the main quest, it is 5 hours of map time, probably about 15 hours in all.

Demo #3 new / updated features

- The first chapter of the game is completed, leaving the player with a finish and satisfaction at the end.
- The player is now given choices as to which handicaps / realism effects to remove to make the game more playable for beginners.
- There is now a quest tally system that keeps track of how many quests you have completed. The new character in the Pringo Tower keeps track of them.
- Because the game is now has a specific end point (end of chapter 1), there is an ending sequence. Due to the fact that there are now removable handicaps, and the quest tally system, there are really 5 endings! 3 endings for people that complete the game with handicaps turned off. 1 ending for people who play the game normally, the way it was made to be played, and 1 ending for those amazing enough to complete all of the quests and side quests.
- More points of fun / interest have been added to the world, along with all of the villages / towns are complete (including the interiors of houses).
- Enemies, attacks, skills improved / tweaked
- New skills, new classes.
- Several things fixed, tweaked, whatevered.
- The game is so far 3 hours of map time, and that is with me knowing exactly where to go. In all there is probably 8-10 hours of playing the game in all (map time does not count battle time).

Demo #2 new / updated features

- Improved monster graphics
- New cooking system, don't just catch fish, cook them. The cooking stat improves as you get better. There are also things to improve your cooking.
- There is a fishing system (this was in the game before, but it was not mentioned in the list). Now the fish must be cooked though.
- Lock pick system. Find a locked door and want in? Pick the lock using one of four lock picks! The lock pick stat improves as you get better.
- Because of the lock pick system there is now more detail to the days and nights. Before at night, people would just go into their homes and disappear, now you can pick the locks and find them inside!
- There is now a shovel mini game in the first town. The game even remembers where you have dug. You can play 10 times (30 places to dig), until you need to leave the town so the game can be reset.
- New charas, mostly guards and guild of fighters members to offer some variety.
- Due to how dark some areas are, a torch system has been implamented.
- A lantern system is also implamented. The only difference between the torch and the lantern system is the lanterns use oil and you can turn them off.
- There is also a spell of radiance, so you can use that to light your way.
- The game will not only have torches and lanterns, but spells too.
- A spell of repellant. There was already fairy water / repellant in the game, but now there is a spell to repell.
- Sword techniques for guards and soldiers, because there is a long point in the game where you fight along side of the guards. Those battles were tedious and one dimensional, so the guards have been given some techniques to fight with.
- In the area you fight along side the guards, details have been added to improve the atmosphere.
- New monsters, monster groups and the areas they appear in have been added. It gives a greater variety.
- The ship master now charges to go to the islands.
- The story extends further, getting the main story back on track (those who found where the story leads know what I am talking about).
- 2 new areas consisting of 10 new maps. Along with a good sized storyline / continuation of the main storyline. Drama It is the thrilling (I hope) finale of the second island.
- Several things fixed, tweaked, whatevered.

Demo #1 features

- This RPG features a day and night system with five periods of day (morning, noon, evening, night, late night).
- There is also a clock system to keep track of the time in the field. Unfortunately it does not keep track of time in battles or in the system menu.
- Along with the night and day system, there is an advanced weather system along with each region has its own stats for certain weather events. In other words, the weather goes along with weather patterns set for the region that you are in
- The game also features dreams that take the player to strange new places. The dreams are based on who is in the party.
- The game also includes dabbling in a dating system. There are a few datable characters in the game.
- There is also a stealing system, once the stealing skill is learned, the player can sneak up behind a NPC to take from the NPC.
- This also means the player could get caught stealing from NPCs.
- This also means a bounty system, that the game also features.
- Having a bounty on the player's head will result in different reactions from NPCs, as well as going to jail, and being put in leg braces.
- There are different bounties / fines for different crimes. Stealing is ten times the value of what was stolen.
- Murder of a citizen is a flat 1000 gold, murder of a guard is a flat 5000, murder of officials and royalty is a flat 10,000
- When captured by the guards, you can pay the fine given for the crime or you can go to jail.
- When you have a bounty of over 10,000 you will go to jail without a choice of paying the fine.
- The game also has a guild system.
- So far there are only three guilds, the fighters, mage and thieves guilds. Each has their own requirements to join them.
- They each have their own ranking system and quests / duties / orders to complete for advancement. These quests make for excellent filler.
- There are many side quests and a main quest. The game is like basket weaving. It just keeps progressing as I do work to it.
- So far, in map time, and map time alone, I have spent two full hours in the game. This does not include battles, work in the system menu, nor does it include times the party has perished :-)

After all of that, its 9 MB.

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Tell me what you think, tell me if the link is broken.

EDIT: Photos!!!

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How do I move that rocks to get the miner out,can't figure it out x_X
I am going to replay the game and find that part so I can help you :-)
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why does it say it's a completed game when it's only says demo on the description?
The description is 5 years old at least. I copied and pasted it here.
Full game. I hear its dreadfully difficult at the beginning though.
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