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PLEASE READ: This game has currently been put on hold. This seems to happen in every game I work on, and it turns out that as I got closer and closer to the end, I just hated and couldn't stand this game. I may redo the stuff I don't like at a later point, I'm not sure. You can mostly consider this cancelled at the moment, but there's a strong possibility I'll revisit it. If you thought this game looked interesting, I'm currently making another one based off the gameplay concepts in Devil Counter. Almost the same gameplay, but executed much better. Sorry folks, but stay tuned for my next actual release!


Since the beginning of history, mankind ruled over
Terra. Humans fought, grew, and prospered,
for better or for worse.

Without warning, the Devils appeared, bringing forth
chaos and destruction, disrupting the natural order
established by man.

Humanity looked towards The Faith for guidance,
but found only false hope. The remaining forces
of the Kingdon of Farren gathered together for
one last counterattack, in the name of humankind...

"Operation: Devil Counterattack" had begun.

Archmage Harmont and his close cirlce of scholars studied the demons for many years as the war raged on. It was soon concluded that their source was a portal atop Mount Gladius. To end the blight upon Terra, this "Hellgate" would need to be destroyed. Many kingdoms launched assaults against Mount Gladius, but none were successful in their struggles. In fact, sending armies to attack the demons only weakened the strength of many once great nations, which would later lead to their downfalls until only Farren still stood strong.

After Farren's king, Lord Francis, passed away in battle, Queen Elda ordered a full assault on Mount Gladius in a last ditch effort to achieve victory. Her son, Prince Marvin, accompanied the grand army in its charge, and barely survived the brutal battle. In the end, only Captain Fourks and his royal guards survived, but they had made it further into Mount Gladius than any before them. The only thing holding them back from the final charge is the late arrival of Farren's royal mages...

Sir Conrad, a royal knight under the command of Captain Fourks and Prince Marvin, sets out to find the lost mages. He then meets Cordelia, an apprentice mage. The two unlikely heroes would then become unbreakable companions on a journey into madness to save all of humanity from annihilation.

Gameplay Videos:

Gameplay from a very early point in development. Very likely that I'll go back and edit some of this (I already edited the AI on the boss a little bit).


  • Utilizes Khas' Sapphire Action System for fast paced action gameplay.

  • Two protagonists who can be switched with the press of a button, both with unique approaches to combat.

  • Tons of weapons to discover, each with different strengths and weaknesses.

  • While not the focus of the game, your decisions will affect the game's ending.

  • "Open world" with a central hub to quickly access levels.

  • Disc-locked day 1 DLC for only $49.99

Planned Additions
  • Weapon Upgrade/Enchanting System (unsure about fully implementing at this point)

  • Actually Completing the Game

A closer look at the game mechanics can be seen here.

(For any slow people, the DLC thing is a joke. Just getting that out before some tard reports me L0L)

Latest Blog

Current Progress

I have general info on the main pages and I'm trying to post screenshots every now and then, but I figured I should give some insight into what I'm actually doing with development on this, and just some general info about myself and my goals with Devil Counter (don't worry, I'm not going to bore you with my life story, keep reading!).

First off, progress report. This is where we're at, and where we're currently trying to get to:

Finished Stuffs:

  • General game mechanics are all functioning properly (char switch, MP regen, random loot system, lighting effects, etc). Took a while to get the foundations laid out, but now that I have 90% of them in place, development is going a lot faster. I mostly just design a map, then copypaste events from other ones to it, then edit them as needed for that specific area. That's not to say that the entire game is a copypaste, its just that simple things like enemies, random loot, and light effects, can be implemented into a new area in about 30 seconds as opposed to the initial eventing. Bosses are still taking multiple days to complete due to the unique AI behaviors I have to put in for each of them.

  • Intro level 100% finished, main hub (known as Soul Haven) 90% finished and fully operational. The last 10% is room to add something later on that I haven't quite decided on yet.

  • Completed the first two accessible areas, the Sarath Greenlands and the Chillbone Cavern. Also completed the optional dungeon of Lonewalen Fortress and the first half of the quest line that goes with it.

Stuff I'm Working On:

  • Weapons, Spells, and Equipment. Due to my... strange way of working, I make these as I go. So this won't be done until I finish the game. Though I am mostly done with the spells, since there won't be too many.

  • Beginning to map the Axerun Fortress and the currently unnamed desert area.

  • Fixing the Exp given by enemies. If you look at the current screenshots, you'll notice most put my characters at level 4-5. Granted, I haven't done much grinding while testing, but even if I did grind, it would take a good 15-30 mins to level up once. I want this game to be fun and fairly fast paced, so that needs to get fixed ASAP.

  • I'm probably gonna post some character profiles for the protagonists to give everyone a better look at who they are, and how they're played. This may be incorporated into Gameplay Concepts, I'm not sure at the moment.

  • Hopefully I'll be able to get a gameplay video/short trailer up soon! Still working on that, we're extremely early into the process of getting this started up.

Longterm Stuffs:

  • Considering making a demo, but I'm not sure yet. If I do make one, it'll probably be a single zone to play through with high level equipment just to get a feel for the game and get feedback on some stuff.

  • I wanted to try a weapon upgrading system (I'm pretty sure there are scripts for that) but I'm not sure if I really want to use it yet. It would make the early game less stressful since the "Grunt's Shortsword" and "Apprentice Staff" wouldn't be so painful to use until you find replacements.

  • Finishing the game (derp)

This is "sort of" my first game, and I want to make it good. I already started about 6 projects and I quit each of them because I simply just didn't like them. I usually got to the halfway point (4-5 hours of gameplay) before ragequitting because the gameplay sucked, or the story sucked. I think I've found the balance between both in Devil Counter. I can't claim that either side of the Counter is a masterpiece, but this is turning out much better than my previous unreleased works.

I mainly posted this on RMN to keep me inspired to finish it so I wouldn't drop out like other games I've attempted. It may not seem like much, but the 4 subscribers and 1000+ views I have (at the time of writing this) have made me go nuts with inspiration. Just knowing that at least 4 people are interested in this is amazing, and I thank you for your support! Though I'd appreciate a few comments or questions. Just having someone else's input would help out a lot in the long run, even if you're only posting to tell me how much Devil Counter sucks lol.

Like I said, this is sort of my "first game" or at least the first game I've ever posted online. I mainly do this as a hobby and can't see Devil Counter getting massively popular or anything. That's why I'm not too concerned with using the VX Ace RTP. Of course, about 30-40% of the game is made up of outside resources, and the music is 100% non-RTP and collected from various sources. I think the music is one of the best parts of the game actually. Thinking about it now, the only RTP items I used are tilesets, icons, some characters, sound effects, animations... and I think that's it. Many characters are custom (via generators lololol), and most icons and monsters were found amongst free resources. But of course, custom content doesn't make a good game. We'll just have to wait and see if I implemented everything well, now won't we?

how does i count devils???

That's simple! If you want to help out, just post or PM me with what you can help with. I don't have anything to request at the moment, but hey, if you're interested in throwing in your skills, let me know! Someone who wants to do character art would be cool. (Just know that I'm not able or willing to pay anyone for anything, sorry).


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Looks pretty awesome so far.
Also "Disc-locked day 1 DLC for only $49.99" LOL
Looks pretty awesome so far.
Also "Disc-locked day 1 DLC for only $49.99" LOL

$49.99 that better be one good DLC (O_O)
Looks pretty awesome so far.
Also "Disc-locked day 1 DLC for only $49.99" LOL
$49.99 that better be one good DLC (O_O)

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