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Game Summary

Profit Motive is a modern day, corporate themed RPG. Players assume the role of Myron Meckler, a one-time executive of a major corporation who has been betrayed by his former supervisor and expelled from the company in dishonor. The game follows Myron as he strives to regain his power and position in the business world.

Players will start out as a small business owner surviving the wiles of unruly and unethical competition and grow into a mega conglomerate vying for power against rival companies in intense corporate warfare.

Key Game Features

  • Over the top battles featuring a unique Turn-Based Combat System.

  • The ability to hire key staff and gain the support of NPCs in the world who can be "Summoned"to your aid in battle.

  • 4 Stages of Business Development including: Lv.1) Small Business, Lv.2) Franchise, Lv.3) International Corporation, Lv.4) Mega Conglomeration. Each level introduces new gameplay mechanics and player abilities that add depth and strategy to the battles.

  • Corporate themed story world with lots of interesting character side stories and open-world missions that explore multiple aspects of running a business.

  • High quality background and sprite art.

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Ver 4.0.7 demo
Random thoughts
bold=what i consider important
the plot...sigh...(stressful start)

saving should be quicker.the book asks you if you want to save yet thats obviously the reason your interacting it the save book...
and theres a delay before you can finally save after that!

...F12 doesn't work...

hmm its getting better.i played something else with this idea. hopefully this is pulled off better

you can move with the map open!? that's freaking amazing!
sadly its not accurate as to you exact location

there seems to be a delay before you can move after entering a new area
same with text sometimes it freezes and i have to wait a while before i can continue

its funny how off the money is in this game.
1000$ for a lottery ticket
300-500$ for a news paper
and 1000$ is considered change

that religious scam is funny as hell

Putz? not good to use words that normal people never hear

you can save with save ledgers and in game options. not sure why.
but that aside you should remove save from the menu since it isn't being used.

i don't know why but the scene where you rush towards to door and outside is so epic!

sadly the battle with the customer is crazy hard to win. its possible but i think you need luck to win.

i wish it let you save after that battle since you get a choice

i stopped playing after exploring a bit after the customer battle.

General 2H 16M+
The bad
This needs work of course besides the features not available as its a demo.
there is also at least in my case. lag and delays. randomly the game freezes for a while and i cannot do anything.
there are also pathing and grammar issues that should be addressed.
this has a map which is great but it does not show the exact spot you are in but close to that.

the good
while the subject of gameplay isn't interesting to me. its still a rather refreshing break from the usual save the world scenario.and how the battles work despite being turn based were quite interesting.
the choices not only keep it interesting but meaningful as you can get stat boosts,items and more depending on what you pick!

QTE this heavily depends on the individual if its good or bad.people with slow reaction time wont do well.

This game has potential to be quite good if ever finished.
but as i do not recommend demos thats all i can say for this.
Wow this looks really interesting :) cant wait to play it
how is this coming along? been about a year from when i last checked, is this done/out now?
Soooooo, v5 was supposed to launch in January? :D <3
When I get more time on my hands, I must play this game.
Hey man, I have recently started a YouTube channel spotlighting RPG Maker games and I just finished spotlighting yours. :D This game is amazing, I can't wait for the next versions to come out! I would love it if you checked out my video, here it is.

That man is wearing a dead ferret around his neck.

I love this artwork.

Haha Thanks :)

That man is wearing a dead ferret around his neck.

I love this artwork.
Here's some new character art that will be featured in Profit Motive Version 5.0 scheduled to be released next month:

did you ever decide on selling this when its finished? i would really love to buy it, its SO AWESOME :3

Yep, once we get all of the placeholder systems and art assets updated we do indeed plan to sell the final game.

Thanks for the support!

did you ever decide on selling this when its finished? i would really love to buy it, its SO AWESOME :3
I don't care how many glitches it has. Just from the battle system and plot alone, it's a unique enough game to warrant good rating.

Thanks :)
I don't care how many glitches it has. Just from the battle system and plot alone, it's a unique enough game to warrant good rating.
This game...

(eyes bug)

Doing battle with hired employees?
(Ugh, dbl post)
BTW, only 24 hours left to go before the Profit Motive Fan Art contest ends. You can see all of the current entries on our twitter stream here:


Profit Motive Version 4.07 has been uploaded to the main website: http://profitmotivegame.com

It fixes a few potential freezes that can occur in later battles. It also adds a fully functioning version of the key staff member Niles and all of his moves and ability to level up.


Profit Motive Version 4.05 has been uploaded to the main website: http://profitmotivegame.com It includes some updated dialogue and minor passability bug fixes.


@Kumada: You sound like a great business man to me :)


1.) Yep. The proper main menu with the ability to track progress across all aspects of your business is coming in a future version.

2.) We will have a log with important tutorial info eventually as well.

3.) The battle system is WIP so as we continue to improve and sharpen it, we can hopefully make it feel accessible without losing the depth.

4.) Looking into that. Thanks!

5.) It doubles your speed which can be used in a lot of scenarios to get hidden benefits. Also, it just allows you to move around faster for a short period of time.

6.)There is a 3-in -0 chance of winning something with each scratch and only a 1-in-10 chance of winning the grand prize. Since it's random, it's possible that you just were out of luck :p

7.)That was originally the intent, but it was a bit hard to read... We may reconsider it after we finish implementing the second pass on the NPC interactions.

8.)The concept of "Sales" or more accurately "Profitability" is one aspect that the Profit Meter is related to, yes.

9.)That sounds awesome actually. Nice idea!

Thanks for the feedback and comments. I hope I was able to answer all your questions.


Edit: Also, Investing in Stock early and waiting to sell high a good thing :)
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