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Goal of game is to destroy target by using missile controlled by player. In game you'll meet various obstacles that will try to stop you from destroying your target. Story? There is none. You just have to destroy targets in this arcade game!

So why you are waiting for? Download it and see for yourself if you'll be able to complete this Gravity Wars-styled game! Game is being worked on using Game Develop.

Latest Blog

TM Weekly progress log #1 (mostly boring coder stuff)

So I've done first few levels and now I am preparing to add some gimmicks for future levels (such as turrets that shoots at you).

Most work on game I've did in my head a week before actual coding. I've planned many levels (that's one of reasons I was able to deliver download so quickly) and several gimmicks that may come into gameplay at later levels. Also early in development, before doing any actual work on it, I've decided it would have that oldschool wireframe vector graphics feel to it, because I love this style and when I see game doing that, I know I have to have it. Actually, I'm hunting down Vectrex, but I digress here.

Aside of turrets there are other ones, which I won't specify at the moment. Today I've finished level 6 and begin to think on level 7 and subsequent ones (I had planned levels 1-6) and will start to code turrets and some other things soon.

So I have most of things planned out and will deliver "Milestone downloads" every 5 levels done.
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  • 09/08/2012 04:57 PM
  • 09/21/2012 02:33 AM
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I am tired of Earth. These people. I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives.
I've always wondered what the pilot of the Asteroid Destroyer did after he destroyed all those asteroids back in the 70s!
Even newspapers have those nowadays.

How do you like game by the way?
Pretty nice game. I enjoyed failing epicly on cam X-D
I'm a dog pirate
Saw Christopher's LP and had to give it a try...took less than an hour to play and review!
I'm a dog pirate
I just beat this game without dying! Wish I had recorded the playthrough.
I just beat this game without dying! Wish I had recorded the playthrough.

When does the second game comes out :D
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