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Uncover the past of a lonely and conflicted young girl.
Travel through an unknown, but yet familiar world.
Discover the demons that haunt her well being.

Game features:
Custom graphics and an original soundtrack.
Mature subject matter.

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The Kickstarter campaign has begun!

CLICK HERE! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/131274701/lisa-the-painful-rpg

A new game by Dingaling!

All the details of the game can be found on the Kickstarter page.
please visit for more information on the game, thank you!
  • Completed
  • Dingaling
  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
  • Adventure
  • 09/10/2012 09:40 PM
  • 10/14/2023 06:33 PM
  • 09/10/2012
  • 1428470
  • 126
  • 136045


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I've really enjoyed this game, and I wish there were more like it. I found that after playing Lisa that the other RPGmaker horror/adventure/psychological horror games weren't giving me the same feeling Lisa gave me, which is the feeling that I wanted. Right off the bat seeing the character with hair covering her eyes in a dirty room, where the sheets were "disgusting," and everything was kept locked, (even simple things like drawers or doors) I knew this game was going to be different. The music was really catchy; I had to put it in my iTunes. I had only wished they were longer. I actually am now using the puking sound Lisa makes as my Text Message tone (Tell me if this isn't alright with you, and I'll remove it). I thought the toilets were a nice touch, and I really liked that we were able to go and puke whenever we wanted to, as weird as that sounds. I like that the game made me feel uncomfortable.

(some spoilers and questions/etc below)
I actually felt a little bit insulted when I climbed all the way up the rope only to find a hand giving me the finger. Not to say I didn't like that; I love when games have that kind of effect on me. Really enjoyed how Marty kept having Lisa do pointless tasks for him, making her go out of her way to do things for him. Handing over the banana in exchange for the banana's peel; if I hadn't already known the Marty in the water wanted the peel, I would have felt like I got punched in the face. I liked the symbolism with Rick, and felt satisfied when we got to cut him up, and kill him in various ways. Lisa really deserves more appreciation. I'm just sad that the game was so short. I really wanted to play more, and see more disturbing imagery. The spider part was very, very difficult for me. I actually spent at least 2 hours, give or take, trying to get past it. Once I realized how to do it though, I did it with a bit of ease. All and all really different/interesting game, though I wish the areas were explained more, the symbolism in them anyways. I wanted to know why the bushes turned into eyeballs, why one of the areas were grassy and had bridges with water/etc, I wanted to know why the Marty's were hovered around a cross, and what the framed picture of a dark creature with dark eyes was in the hallway of the area you first start out in. I just have a ton of questions, most of the other symbolism I can kind of piece together. My friend pointed out that most of the items in your inventory, when they're all collected, are items that are usually used to kill yourself, which I found very interesting. I also wish the end was explained a little bit more. I didn't realize that the character at the end is most likely Lisa's mom until someone mentioned it. I know that everything is up for interpretation, so I'm gonna do my best to create my own story behind it. I actually drew fanart of Lisa because she's so cute ahh. Anyways, thanks for the game! C:
Wow thank you so much. It's really encouraging to hear that! and also that you listen to the soundtrack and even have the ringtone! Reading this makes me excited about making my new game! thank you

RPG Maker 2k/2k3 for life, baby!!
Dunno if you noticed (or sent a PM to MsPacMan), but there's a spoiler tag up there in that comment with a whole lot'o text.

Your game is great btw, really immersive, which is a feat for a rmk game.
This game is so interesting! I was actually watching a couple youtubers playing this game, like a walk-through, and its really what caught my eye and they've been helping me when I get stuck on this game xD

Here's there links (just incase you get stuck like I did):

I can't delete this post so I'm just going to leave it.
I feel like this game is about... (theoretical analysis of game under cut)
I feel like the game is about a girl whose mom died and her dad's radical religious bs left unchecked by Mummy pretty much enabled him to transform into something sick and twisted that apparently used her (Lisa) for things one shouldn't use their daughter for. Now she's trying to run away from him and the memories of what he did to her "in the name of god" (hence the crosses and that crowded room) but everywhere/everything she goes/does just screams reminders that she'll never get away. (The man in the forest of the first door, follows you annoyingly) She imagines killing this personification of her father's disgusting acts if you notice. (What's his name again... Randy or something) (the one that was in her kitchen-like thing at the save base) because he made her dirty. He makes her sick to the point of making herself vomit anytime she felt the need to purge (get the filth out of her system). Um... Am I reading too far into this whole story? Sorry.
Loved this game, the music, and the use of psychedelic/disturbing imagery. It was fun trying to piece together the story, keeps you thinking. Too bad it was short and I am hoping there is some kind of story arc in your new upcoming game that can sum this up. Why else would you call your new title "Lisa", after the main character in "Lisa "The First""? Well, anyways. Thank you for making this game.
I'm guessing this was inspired by that horrible chick tract with the same name.
I'm in love with this game so far, it's wonderful. But those fucking spiders man...
This is a different type of game that I really like. Beside the art style (huge fan of Mother series), the eerie tone as you (sort of) discover her back story is done well. The ending still leaves it open to interpretation, but I still think this is a good change of pace from most games out there and it deserves all the attention it has gotten.
I just have to say... wow. This was a very interesting game, definitely worth my time.
I had to look at a walkthrough a few times, mainly for the white room and getting the severed finger. The only real part of the spider part I had a problem with was those 50 miles per hour ones, but after consulting the walkthrough realized that I could push the boulder down on them even further. It was difficult, but I spent probably 30 minutes on it, max. Which is REALLY weird for me, because I'm bad at pretty much every game aside from strategy ones. Even the dumbest stuff would be impossible for me. So I feel kind of happy now. =D
I loved the music in this game, and the fact that it really got into your head. The part with Marty's head on top that pile of gore or whatever.. Before that point I was freaked out, and when I went in there I lost it. "nope nope nope nope nope nope"... I liked that the game's story seems somewhat straightforward at the first glance, but by the end you know there's something else going on, there's more open to interpretation than originally thought.
Anyway, fantastic game. I look forward to anything more you make.
If you're not aware, NicoB did an LP of your second game (Lisa, the painful RPG) and... it was great. Really enjoyed watching it, not only for Nico's commentary but also because of the game itself. It got me thinking about what other things I could do to my own games. Great job.

(He's also considering playing this one and has confirmed he'll be playing the next Lisa game.)

A lazy teenager's spirit in a mid 20 adult's body
This was an amazing game for me. When I finished it I was questioning myself if I had gotten the best ending, after realizing that the poor Lisa cannot escape from the situation, I realized, sometimes, that is how reality works. I had gotten usued to fairy tales, and happy endings. So thank you for this very original game. I had a great time :)
RPG Maker 2k/2k3 for life, baby!!
this is very nice

I don't think "nice" is the right word :P
Having gotten my first 4/5, I must now work hard to obtain... my second 4/5.
So, from what I gather, this game is a psychological horror adventure that explores the feeling of disempowerment caused by being the weaker side of an abusive relationship for a long period of time. It also seems to be very well executed, so I'll be playing it once I feel like I'm ready, I confess the very idea gives me the chills, and that's a good thing for a horror game!

Psychological horror carrying a strong social message is definitely an awesome idea. Also, the fact that this is a game, instead of a non-interactive medium, means that the player literally steps into the abused person's shoes, making the message a lot more impacting.

I'm still scared shitless of trying this game out, but I'm sure I'll get to it one day, when I feel stronger, because it sounds like an absolutely incredible experience that I don't wanna miss out on.
This is one hell of a game! Definitely the sort of thing that lingers with you long after you've played.
Hmm, does the creator still come on?

I inserted the VHS tape into the TV and I was taken to a room with the father and Lisa sitting at the tea table, and I can't get out. What should I do?

Just wait. I think its supposed to be like that
question for very end of game, do not read unless you have finished the game
i am so insanely confused. i only have 2 tapes, and i got into the "never ending Marty face" room where the background doesn't move, and i just wandered in random directions. eventually i decided i must need to complete something else, somewhere else. so i went out and found nothing more for HOURS. and then i try to go back to the Marty face room, and i realize i cant! its just gone. so i went to walkthroughs and found apparently you get END screen when you are in the Marty room. And then go to your inventory to find a VHS tape, and of course it wasn't there either.
What happened, did i miss something?

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