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Uncover the past of a lonely and conflicted young girl.
Travel through an unknown, but yet familiar world.
Discover the demons that haunt her well being.

Game features:
Custom graphics and an original soundtrack.
Mature subject matter.

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The Kickstarter campaign has begun!

CLICK HERE! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/131274701/lisa-the-painful-rpg

A new game by Dingaling!

All the details of the game can be found on the Kickstarter page.
please visit for more information on the game, thank you!
  • Completed
  • Dingaling
  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
  • Adventure
  • 09/10/2012 09:40 PM
  • 06/30/2022 02:59 PM
  • 09/10/2012
  • 1283154
  • 125
  • 123159


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This game was good but a bit too much for me.
Just bought Lisa and its DLC on Lunar sale. (Pretty awesome OST though...)
Nice game. I like the music and the dar themes. Oh, and the surreal aspects are really amazing!
I love your games and I downloaded this to play, but for some reason I cant move down! why?
Silly game but ingenious concept.
This game is like masturbation with sandpaper. What to not like in it ?
By simple solutions - and brilliant - this game creating disturbing and shocking atmosphere with every minute of playing. Do something neew !
The game's interesting and disturbing but why are there unused files for a whole another rpg game xD
My mind is full of fuck.
Haven't played it, but was mentioned over at 4chan.
Honestly, I don't even know how to describe my feelings after playing this game, I probably liked it better than not.
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