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My thoughts

  • JoelMB
  • 07/15/2017 09:17 PM
This is a game that's going to leave you Hollow and numb the the first time you play it. Play the second time they're going to pick up on the subtle and not-so-subtle symbolism some of the quite literally in your face.

You play as young girl trying to escape a abuser that will never let her go. It's not quite clear if she's in some form of purgatory, that it's all in her head or this is just how she literally perceives and interpret reality.

All the items you use to allow you to continue on your quest shows of duality of her nature. For their all items used or a part of ending your own life. Expressing her suicidal if not depressed thoughts and feelings. Simultaneously she uses them to fight on and push forward in a strange way of Revenge fantasy. You could interpret it she kills herself she sets herself free. Or that she's using these tools as a means of freedom fighting on. It's show the strong urge to died yet at the same time to keep fighting on too move forward so she can free.

The game itself is incredibly symbolic so highly up to interpretation. From how she perceives the man in many different facets but always at the end of deep disgust and hatred towards. And hinting at her own horrible abuse suffered by him.

If you like Yume Nikki clones. Interested in exploring an esoteric game with disturbing storyline behind it go right ahead. It's sequels, Lisa the painful and Lisa the joyful. Ties of many Loose Ends to this game but simultaneously still leaves room for debate of the theorizing. In the end of the day this is free so I say give it a shot if that's up your lly. I'm going to give it a four out of five for it the first time experience will make most of us feel playing at the stars knocked off because when you look at it later work you see the great Improvement that he has shown as a creator.