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Interesting but maybe a little too short.

I am not familiar with the rest of the Lisa games so I am only going from the impression that this one left me, I do know what the other games are about and how different they are in contrast to this one, but I think this game stands better alone than grouped together with the other games.

I like the yume nikki formula a lot since it tends to open the way for more lucid interpretations of things, this one seems to be a little more clear on what the game is all about which I also appreciate, you don't usually see too many yume nikki games with text, and considering this one is part of a different series I feel like it makes the distinction more notable between the usual YN games. The other thing that mechanically I also liked was the fact that there are a little more puzzles involved in this game, most are all about dodging and I would say maybe in some part they do get tiresome but by the length of the game I think it is ok, it has the general unclearness of other YN games but not to the same extent.

The art and the music I think I am a little mixed in, mainly because the chipset is edited from the original rpgmaker2003 assets but not with a lot of effort, at least when it comes to the grass areas it kind of blends in with the trees, other more elaborated chipsets specially the horror and vomit ones are a lot more interesting and I feel have a lot more effort put into, those were the ones I personally liked and I think look the best, I specially liked the crosses and the gore giblets in the more horror areas. As for sprites I personally don't like the earthbound overworld ones mainly due to the range of color used, I've seen future art for the series and having dark edges seemed like way more fitting thing for the games. The music may be a little minimalistic in parts but I feel that's ok since it's all original (I think), they fit well with the general theme of the game in my opinion.

I think the thing I liked the most about the games were the themes, it gets darker but not to the point of no return, usually a lot of people don't like that kind of stuff but I don't mind that at all, by the subject theme I think it could of gone off the rails and restrain is good when dealing with this stuff, otherwise maybe more people would of look at it in a different way, I know it's not outright a hardcore horror game so it gets you thinking a little more about how Lisa feels at the moment.

I thought it was pretty good, although I wish it was longer, but I have a feeling that more things surrounding the character are in later games, so maybe I should go play those next.