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Totori Tower is a game where you play as a girl who is trying to save her grandfather. He was cursed and transformed into a turtle. Someone evil is doing a lot of bad things in the desert. The only item you have is a small lantern. All you can do is run away from the monsters and try to help people along the way.

This game hasn't been finished, it is being created by Mario and Karolina.


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Hi everyone,
Thank you so much for still caring about this game, the few of you
It makes me so happy but also breaks my heart that we could never finish it and let you play...
But I want you to know that Totorie Tower is still a project that we really want to finish one day, it will be our magnum opus...
I don't want to release it the way it is now because we've thought of so many new and really cool ideas for it
The main character will still be Walnut and her only tool will be a small lantern
We want the game to be about exploring relationships and discovering that helping others doesn't always end up solving their problems, and sometimes just makes things worse

Please look forward to playing it one day

- Karolina (1/2 of almondmelon a.k.a froach club)
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i would donate my soul. hopefully that would warrant an artbook and jello shot with the developer
omg yes

also i see you changed it from "totori" to "totorie", does it even mean anything?
p...please respond gamegods.... i know u can read us....cant u see we're crying out....
It takes a long time to make a video game

- 'Rio
this is to let you know that i'm still alive, and still waiting.
oh and also love the songs!! very different from melon journey.
and i apologize for all the (probably annoying) replies, i just really want this game to be made.
i am also still waiting

but not still alive
Wow you guys are very very dedicated, especially since you know nothing about the game... We made a devlog here recently: http://forums.tigsource.com/index.php?topic=41572.0 but we never really update that either
I'll try to work more soon, thanks buddies

- 'Rio
ohh i'm excited!

//joins the party of people outside your door chanting "i'm waiting" at increasing volume
I will not give up!!!
I'm staying here forever :D
*melon party woot woot*
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