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Natura DC Released!

Thanks to Gourd_Clae's incredible beta testing, the Director's Version of the game is more polished than ever and is now available to download!

So what's different? Here, have a look:

- Quick FAQ and in-game Controls screen added.
- Slight changes in the game's soundtrack.
- An overall wave of bug fixes. <3 Gourd_Clae
- An improved translation.
- A revisited, shorter introduction.
- Revisited cutscenes: completely new scenes and some changes to existing ones.
- Disappearance of the more monotone bits of the story. A more homogeneous experience.
- Disappearance of the minor sidequests to favor a more straight-forward plot.
- A change of controls to emulate the more efficient model we came up with for Natura 2.
- The player has now the ability to turn without having to step forward.
- Gameplay balancing: Better stat growth, weapons' damage formula revisited, updated enemy stats, ...
- Gameplay balancing: Non-limited saves, reduced overall stamina cost, improvements in enemy AI, ...
- Gameplay balancing: Improved item distribution, additional shops, equipment buffs and debuffs, ...
- Improved Custom Menu: Visual improvements, includes current objective and amount of money, ...
- A more intuitive A.I.D. system to improve the process of Akk consumption.
- Some new weaponry.
- New character animations.
- A severe map redesign of some of the already existing locations of the game.
- Updated puzzles.
- Updated credits.

Doing this has been really difficult, for it is even trickier to work around an older project than doing things from scratch. However, I felt that it was necessary. Huge thanks to Archeia_Nessiah for her early review, which pointed out many issues that I attempted to correct.

Now it's time to get back to Natura 2...


Testers needed! Natura DC soon to be released.

Some new images are up. Check them out!

Testers needed!

Hello community! As I discussed in my previous blog post, the Director's Cut version of Natura would be in need of testers. Well, the time has finally come! The newest version is ready and progress on Natura 2 has been resumed.

I would like this version to be as polished as possible and there is currently only a couple of people making sure the game is bugless and balanced. As I said earlier, the game should be very smooth and close to what the actual, non-beta version will be. So you'd be basically trying it out before anyone and helping me out in the process. All you'd be missing would be the updated credits that the released version will feature. No big deal. Additionally, if you do test but don't make it to the end, you will be able to use your saves to pick it up where you left it.

Although it is Christmas, I don't intend you to give your time away for free; if there's anything I can do in return (reviews, testing, some graphic work, ...) I will happily oblige.

My estimates about the game's lenght is somewhere between 3 and 5 hours for a first time player. If you are interested, please send me a PM. You'll receive a link to the ~72MB download and a big thank you from moi.


Updates regarding Natura and Natura 2

Hello. This is Laguna from J&L. Not so J&L at the moment as you will see in a moment. Some important news.

Joker has left J&L

With more pressing matters at hand and with a lot of stuff going on in his life, Joker decided that his contributions (mainly spriting and graphic work) weren't coming as steadily as they should and that he would leave the development group. I intend to keep its name for old time's sake, but J&L is just me at this point, unfortunately. On the other hand, edchuy and some other users offered their help so in a way this project is not something I'm taking on single-handedly.

Natura: Director's Cut is pretty much ready

Working on the revamp of Natura 1 was incredibly tough. Much harder than making things from scratch, I'd say. Working around and remaking things we had done nearly five years ago has been more time consuming than I'd expected. The results, however, are quite satisfactory. Allow me to show you some examples...

Above is BEFORE, below is AFTER:

Example 1

Example 2

The game's action goes quite differently, especially during the first half. If you tried Natura and never finished it, I recommend that you do give it a try this time. The newest version is almost ready, except...

Natura: Director's Cut could use a beta tester or two

With all these changes I am afraid I will have messed up along the way. I do test the game myself all the time, but testing from others has proved to be very effective at finding bugs I never looked for.

Are you up for the challenge? You'd be able to play a functioning and finished version of the director's cut ahead of its release. Please send me a PM if you are interested.

Natura 2 experiences some changes

Since it'll be my duty to do handle the game's progress from now on, I have decided to change a couple of features. The aim of these changes is to (sadly) reduce the huge amount of spriting some of them required and simplify systems that I realized were way too complicated. Some things get more complex and interesting, too, so it's not all bad news.

-The class system stays as it is, but animations and different sprites between passive mode and aggressive mode will be reduced. Slightly less natural, much less work to do.
-The real-time clock system is replaced for a simpler, static day-night system. Although having the day change in real time was really hard to do, I find myself forced to simplify this system because it it very difficult and time consuming to implement. I also believed that it could be a nuisance and slightly hard to understand.
-The story has had its time to become deeper. My experiences with other games have made me realize the importance of the background lore and how important it is to make the city where most of the action happens more "alive".

I hope to show you a sample of how Natura 2 is turning out soon.


Natura's revamp

Hello everyone, this is L from J&L. I have decided to take Natura's latest download down for a number of reasons:

- A number of bugs and inconvenient gameplay mechanics have been reported by many players. I now have the time to fix many of these.
- The sometimes faulty translation had much room for improvement for the next version.
- Natura 2's progress is slow and it will be a good while before it's ready. The quality gap between both games should not be as inmmense as it is now, and anyone who plays Natura until N2 is released deserves better.
- The first half of the game could use some overall improvements.

I will be working on a new version. This is what is to be expected in the next update:

- A redesign of the game's profile and outer appearance.
- Some slight changes in the game's soundtrack.
- An overall wave of bug fixes.
- An improved translation.
- Disappearance of the more monotone bits of the story. A more homogeneous experience.
- Some serious modifications in the game's cutscenes.
- A change of controls to emulate the more efficient model we came up with for Natura 2.
- Gameplay balancing: Non-limited saves, reduced overall Stamina cost, some improvements in enemy AI, ...
- A map redesign of some of the already existing locations of the game.
- An improved A.I.D. system which should make the entire Akk system less frustrating.
- Updated credits.
- A bonus sneak peek at what's to come in Natura 2.

We sadly can't include:

- A proper active/passive mode, as Archeia_Nessiah suggested. You'll be glad to hear that Natura 2 is already equipped with this feature, though.
- A change in the game's not-so-original tilesets. Again, something we've worked for very hard for the game's sequel.
- A completely renewed cast of sprites for the main characters (as I would have liked to include) or new characters for that matter.

This is far from a remake, since our efforts are focused on the sequel at the moment, but it will address most of the issues we've come to realize the project had.

Thanks for your time and suggestions. Stay tuned for more updates!


Natura 2 wants you!

Natura 2 wants YOU...

... to help J&L with the development!

Natura's sequel is a project filled with ambition. That's why we are going to start a crowdfunding and get lots of money need help. This is the kind of help we need:

A native English speaker that is willing to help us with the translation. We would like to release an English version of Natura 2 right after the original. We think that the best way to get this done is to translate the game as it gets done. Speaking some Spanish (to get a gist of the original text) OR having a lot of patience (to figure out the best translation together) is a requirement. If you've got some literary skills, that'd be most convenient as well.

Thanks edchuy for helping us at this! Thanks to everyone else who wanted to help, too!

We could also use some...

Original musical compositions. If you're a composer and your style fits with Natura's, we'd love to include any and all songs you send us! You'll be properly credited (as everyone else that helps us in any way).

Thanks ThatFatGuy for offering your services and showing your interest in this project!

Feedback from your experiences with Natura. Our first game had many flaws that Natura 2 aims to eliminate (sketchy controls, very little weapons, unoriginal tilesets, ...). But it's very likely that we're still oblivious to something that you did notice! So please don't hesitate to let us know about what you'd like to see in the sequel.

For the rest of the issues, you can contact us through a private message on this website. We can keep in touch somehow else after that. Don't hesitate to let us know if you'd like to contribute by doing something that wasn't listed here!

Thank you for your time!


Natura 2's Logo

Here's our recently finished logo for Natura 2.

It features a drawing by me, Laguna, who ins't quite a professional at these things. Cheers to our friend Leaser who has helped us with the final process of the design.

Progress Report

A sequel is on its way.

I figured that our (understandably small amount of) followers might be interested in the fact that we're working on Natura's sequel, Natura 2.

Here are some screenshots of its custom menus (featuring the sprite of the main character), since the mapping is still under some heavy modifications every now and then. They've been resized a little bit. You can see the original resolution here and here.
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