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The year is 1986! Due to bad grades and a horrible social life, the mother of her lazy child throws his only NES down the forbidden dark pit as punishment! Because he loves his NES so much . . . the boy jumps into the pit later that night not knowing the evils down below! His goal is simple! Find that NES while death stalks him and escape the pit of hell!

You control a nameless character solving puzzles while getting past traps and getting the $hit scared out of you! You collect power ups (including a faster dash and invisibility) to help stand a better chance finding that dear NES! This game does have things jump out at you, so those who hate jump scares have been warned! Boo!

NOTE! You'll need this file to play!

This game features creepy sound effects and very dark environments! The game isn't very long, but I do plan on making an extended version later in October for those who want more! Let me know!

Latest Blog

Collection of Vids!

Howdy. This is Spirit and I figured I'd give a big thumbs up to those who made LPs of my games! Actually, each game I posted (even Left in the Dark) somebody made a recording of it! So big thanks to those who spent some time to make the vids! As I watched them it helped me out with ideas to make the games play much better! So here's a list of videos from each game (some had more but I'm keeping it real).

So! This one was a funny vid from Console Hunt; http://youtu.be/tUXjcuDKpRE

Here was a good one for Plunge of the Knight; http://youtu.be/aOjEdgT4-6w

This one left NicoB . . . Left in the Dark; http://youtu.be/3SebTqwK0d4

Here's a fullgame run with Grissan; http://youtu.be/Je1Zr3TfuR8

And my most popular game Epic Elf; http://youtu.be/r3_mtGNMNAo

Alrighty hope that helps a little with the view count for those who made the vids!
Thanks again! Now it is time to dance.


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This game isn't very long and I had more ideas for it!
For now this version will do! After some feedback I'm gonna make it longer.
Sounds good! I'm curious to see how fast people make it through the puzzles and if they need to be harder in a future copy.
I like it and it is eerie and creepy. The blood sfx should be randomized, other than that great job! Sadly, I got stuck at the part with the skull and graves...
Cool! Glad you enjoyed it so far. I was thinking about making a walkthrough for the game due to the fact that most puzzle games have 'em! A tip for the skull grave yard, when you hit the question mark (in the right graveyard) it shows the solution with the 'mirror effect.' You return to the left graveyard and examine the graves in the order shown at opposite ends. I'm not sure if that explains it clearly.
Ah and I'll probably take up your advice for the blood SFX!
Yeah that makes perfect sense, I just never found the left graveyard. I got it now. Thanks.
Alright! I'm making a second one for the Halloween Contest thing. I'm taking the basic idea for this one and pumping it full of steriods!
GLITCH ALERT! Clareain Christopher found that if you don't leave the room (near the end of the game with a hidden teleport and two power ups) when the time runs out after getting the power ups the game will freeze. I'm gonna run through the game again and fix some problems, hence releasing a more bug free version!
Alright I made the completed version of this game (I can't believe I forgot to make a title intro when you start the game)!
Hey bro, i found the NES'n stuff, but when i try to get out of the pit, it says that i need to search for the NES, but bro, WTF, i found the NES.

Just confuse on this part :P
Hey bro, i found the NES'n stuff, but when i try to get out of the pit, it says that i need to search for the NES, but bro, WTF, i found the NES.

Just confuse on this part, nice game through, it gave me some scares :P
Oh if you get caught by death you have to get the NES again
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