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Collection of Vids!

Howdy. This is Spirit and I figured I'd give a big thumbs up to those who made LPs of my games! Actually, each game I posted (even Left in the Dark) somebody made a recording of it! So big thanks to those who spent some time to make the vids! As I watched them it helped me out with ideas to make the games play much better! So here's a list of videos from each game (some had more but I'm keeping it real).

So! This one was a funny vid from Console Hunt; http://youtu.be/tUXjcuDKpRE

Here was a good one for Plunge of the Knight; http://youtu.be/aOjEdgT4-6w

This one left NicoB . . . Left in the Dark; http://youtu.be/3SebTqwK0d4

Here's a fullgame run with Grissan; http://youtu.be/Je1Zr3TfuR8

And my most popular game Epic Elf; http://youtu.be/r3_mtGNMNAo

Alrighty hope that helps a little with the view count for those who made the vids!
Thanks again! Now it is time to dance.
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