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In Search of Clues is an Adventure/Comedy game. It has no combat, only interaction and a few puzzles.
The complete game lasts around 20 minutes.

In Search of Clues is a direct prequel to In Search of Dragons, which you can find over here.


-Souichi (Makpri)


Known bugs and issues:

-The Loading Screen acts a bit wobbly for some reason. If it pulls off somethign weird (such as refusing to load a file) close down the game and start it again.

Latest Blog

Online Achievements + Change Log

Added online achievements
+If you've played any other game with the same script then your account will automatically be found.
+For a guide on how to set up an account for the online achievements system click here.

Title Menu
+Brought the pre-title screens inline with later games.

Bug Fixes
+You can no longer play with the lamp during cutscenes.

Known Bug
If you reset the game using F12 then you will be unable to load saves. Please close and re-open

the game if you need to reload.
  • Completed
  • Indra
  • Fomar0153
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • Adventure
  • 09/21/2012 02:28 PM
  • 05/02/2021 12:04 PM
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why would i heal when i could equip a morningstar
Is it a sequel, or a prequel!?
As the image says, in attention-catching yellow, PREQUEL XD
(and someone just told me there is a critical error sayign SEQUEL in the thread. Way to go, me OTL) *fixes*
This looks pretty good!
I'll check it out.
Welp, the new version with achievements is up! Enjoy :D
I like ur other games and so I wanted to play this game too.
BUT I get an "Unable to find VL Gothik font" error.

I hope u'll fix it soon.

Keep it up ;)

I like ur other games and so I wanted to play this game too.
BUT I get an "Unable to find VL Gothik font" error.

I hope u'll fix it soon.

Keep it up ;)

I had the same problem, but all I did was copy the VL-Gothic into the fonts folder.

open the folder your game is in, should look like this:

open fonts and you should see another folder called VLGothic, leave that one alone, just paste the VL-Gothic font in the same place as the folder, not inside it

I had the grumpy knight on my computer so I copied the font from there
Gah, we gotta fix this. Will be reuploading later today (Suwako's instructions should work in case you want to do that too!)
So I played this through yesterday. It was surprisingly short and sweet, but a nice setup for the next game.

Outside of the Font issue, the only time I hit an error (missing files I think) was when I was sneaking around the library, knocked over the bottle, and the guard came to investigate. The first time I chose for Owen to take care of the guard and that resulted in the game crashing. The second I chose Keith, and the game went on without any problems.

Other than that, it was an enjoyable 30 minutes, and had a decent amount of character building in such a short time.
Oops. We'll have to get that fixed, thanks.

Glad you enjoyed it, hopefully one day soon we'll finish In Search of Dragons.
You the practice of self-promotion
Glad you enjoyed it, hopefully one day soon we'll finish In Search of Dragons.

I'll hold you guys to that ...
Yeah, just finished that demo as well, and waiting patiently.
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
random thoughts

opening is awkward as hell! a dark a disturbing letter with bright cheerful music!
i think no music would of been a better choice then this.

nice using the hedge is short as a excuse to there being no known script to handle circumstances XD
or is there?

owen is defiantly a girl. i can imagine her born to a noble family in a time period where successors for w/e retarded reason need to be male and she either cross dresses and or was treated as a boy since birth thus thinks she is male but is not!

after the credits :O

a short but pleasant game with a couple script ideas i don't believe i have seen in other rpg m games
the quicksand and the enemy sentry light detection

it built up a lil hype for the sequel which ill be playing next.
especially if you plan to play the sequel i recommend this.
short no battles and a cross dressing...you will find out :3
Short stealth adventure game. Missing fonts and audio file saint2.ogg. The game's writing is pretty funny. Gameplay wise, flickering the lantern is an easy way to get thru the game. I also played in search of dragons but i had to quit that game because the first boss was kinda hard and i dont like grinding.
Glad you enjoyed it (I think). That dragons demo is old, predates Indrah and I working together, hopefully should we ever finish it then it'll be more fun.
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