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Sayako is a game heavily rooted in the exploration and horror genres, the first entry in a planned trilogy, but by no means an incomplete story by itself.

It tells the the story of two teenagers who nearly 6 months after the loss of a close friend, find themselves trapped in a looping nightmare related to the events surrounding her demise.

In a last ditch attempt to salvage their sanity, the two decide to head for the location those dreams hint to visit.
The hospital where said friend, Sayako Noguchi, perished.

The Ancora Hills Sanatorium

Operational for 40 years, the Ancora Hills sanatorium served a vast number of patients while it remained operational, however, the reputation of said institution saw itself tarnished during the later run of its life, with varied reports of patient mistreatment and covered up negligence. The highly controversial case of Sayako Noguchi would become the last, yet greatest black stain on the records, right before the scheduled closure and decommission of the facility.

Today, the intimidating structure still stands and remains largely abandoned, becoming an object of urban legends and vandalism.

  • Stamina Gauge
  • Flashlight System - press Q during the game to switch on/off flashlight
  • Dynamic Encounters
  • Plot driven exploration and puzzles.

Latest Blog

Change in Staff Body

As you may have known, Sayako has been put on a sudden hiatus for the last couple of months, and there was never any official announcement from us.

Firstly, we apologize for the sudden disappearance. Things were going rather harshly for everyone in the team in the last couple of months: life, work, relationships, everything. And secondly, I want to take this chance to announce a change in the Staff Body of Sayako's Development Team.

I am sad to announce that due to circumstances, our friend Elements can no longer stay in the development team of Sayako. As for the reason why, unfortunately I won't be able to disclose.

His leaving is a rather big blow to the team, but we'll hang in there with what we have and find some other ways to fill in the roles Elements left. I know we kept saying this all the time, but again, Sayako will not be cancelled and will likely undergo a major revamp this summer. This time, I'm in full charge.

Again, I sincerely apologize for disappointing you guys with yet another negative announcement, instead of something nice and cool to congratulate us finally reaching the 100 subscriptions mark. Hope you'll have a great day!
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  • 09/22/2012 02:50 PM
  • 12/01/2015 01:42 PM
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this game looks very interesting. i am intrigued by it.

where do the tileset graphics hail from?

this game looks very interesting. i am intrigued by it.

where do the tileset graphics hail from?

Me ;)
Subscribed. Looks like a horror sort of game I take it by the screen shots. I am about to read the info. Game seems very professionally developed as far as I'm concerned.
Subscribed. Looks like a horror sort of game I take it by the screen shots. I am about to read the info. Game seems very professionally developed as far as I'm concerned.

Thanks! it is indeed a horror exploration game.
We currently do have a build ready, but as it was uploaded for another purpose,
we're waiting so we can update here with an improved build. But yeah, this is by all means a game with content from start to finish, not a WIP,Demo or a planned project, so we'll update soon with a link~
I'm not sure this is my cup of tea but I thought I'd stop in and give compliments to sinister banner.
Nice, there's far too few survival horror rpg maker games out there
"the Ancora Hills sanatorium served nearly 3 billion patients while it remained operational,"

What. Place must've been like a McDonalds.

This looks great, but that line snapped me completely out of my suspension of disbelief.
wow i didn't even notice that

is it a megastructure of some kind...perhaps a cole bubble or dyson sphere?
This post has been hidden by the game developer. Click here to show the post anyway.
ahh haha turns out we were using an old version of that paragraph.
The actual number is 160m,
fixed now~
160 million is still...rather a lot
Well we went with the average number of patients yearly according to statistics found online. (which was said to be 4 million lol)
reminds me of this huge abandoned mental hospital near where i live, actually...although i don't think it ever had anywhere near that many patients
It's possible that the 4 million is the average number of patients in mental hospitals in a year in the entire continental US. For a single institution to handle that kind of volume...the records department alone would have to be massive, and it would need gigantic off-site storage facilities for hardcopies of patients' data.

Because hospitalization for mental disorders in the united states tends not to be a short term thing, it means that a single hospital would have trouble processing large numbers of patients. If each patient is going to stay a while (at least a week or so,) then the ability of the hospital to deal with an absurdly high patient volume goes down drastically. Unless the place is unreasonably enormous, packs patients in like a capsule hotel, and has a very lenient catch and release policy when it comes to the mentally unstable, a single institution is not going to see four million patients in a year.

As a point of comparison, the largest hospital in the US (by number of beds, the New York Presbyterian) sees an average of 48,000 emergency room patients in a year thanks to 24/7 availability of service. Emergency room visits quickly address a patient's issues, and thus are able to move patients through quickly. The total number of patients that hospital sees in a year, all services combined, is about 150,000. Nowhere near even a million.

I haven't been able to find statistics on the average number of yearly patients in a mental institution in the US, but something tells me that it should be a lot lower than the number of patients at our biggest hospital.

edit: I saw you changed things to "vast numbers of patients". Problem solved. Ignore all my blathering here.
Still, thanks a lot for pointing that out and taking the time to elaborate. Much appreciated! We're doing our best to deliver the polished build as soon as possible so please stay tuned!
Yes thanks for the detailed info Kumada :)
No problem. This looks like a great concept for a game (I particularly love that the monster is their friend, which is a really neat twist on the usual killer/victims dichotomy of horror,) and there's a lot of terrifying stuff that's happened historically in mental hospitals in the US (thanks, eugenics,) so it sounds like you have a ton of source material to draw from. I'm really excited for the release of this.
Love a loony bin. Not to mention a tragedy.
I'm very much looking forward to this.

Oh, an idea for drumming up publicity; this sounds like the kind of game ChaoticMonki (Cry) of youtube would enjoy doing a playthrough of. Just saying.
Evil Angel's cannot wait for a release of some sort. :)
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