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Wayne Loomis
A cool headed guy who tries to abide by logic and common sense whenever possible. His world took a bitter turn after his perfect triangle of friendship was broken when his friend Sayako, "Saya" as he usually called her, died under the worst possible circumstances. His life would further be thrown into chaos as a series of recurring macabre nightmares related to Saya began to plague him. In a last ditch attempt to find a solution, it was his idea to go back to the now abandoned Ancora hills hospital, the place where Saya's tragedy took place.

Yuri Miyazawa
A stubborn girl of japanese descent who is an old,close friend of Wayne and goes to the same international school as him. She was also part of the triangle, made up by her,Wayne and Saya, prior to the tragedy. Yuri doesn't generally enjoy stepping outside of her comfort zone, but is ironically forced to so under extreme conditions as she becomes victim of the same recurring nightmares as Wayne.

Sayako Noguchi
Once the last piece of the friendship triangle Her,Yuri and Wayne formed. Her personality, developments and the mysterious circumstances around her tragic demise are a central part of the game.