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Sayako Dev Journal #2

  • Elements
  • 07/19/2013 06:35 AM
This project is not dead.
This project isn't forgotten.

This project is very much alive!

EE and I have had a busy year so far, but we're now putting the summer to use, and hopefully, do everything that is left to be done regarding sayako.
Between today and yesterday, I got around to finishing the portraits which will be utilized in the game, in the screenshot above you can see how they'll look in-game, as well as the latest iteration of our menu.

An extreme shoutout to my awesome friend Scinaya for all her tips regarding anatomy,color and other drawing quirks lately. For the sake of speed and efficiency, the poses were roughly extracted from RTP portraits but all the details(along heavy changes to the poses themselves) pretty much had to be drawn from scratch. When it came to coloring, we were not aiming to retain the colorful RTP look, but rather something which looked grittier.

We're extremely grateful to all of you who have subbed, means a lot to us!
Stay tuned for more updates~


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;w;/ Looks awesome~ I love the colors chosen in the end for Yuri and the GUI is so clean. (I am glad to hear I have been able to help a bit! ;//A/;)

Keep at it both of you and make people gasp in awe.
Even though this project has seemed to be stagnant for so long, the devs in fact haven't~
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