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EvilEagles Does Blogpost

So to ensure you guys that we weren't bullshitting just to get fake publicity, and that we're still working hard for the comeback of this precious gem Sayako, here's some updates.

Elements has been the most hard-working member of the team in terms of game development, as he has been involved in quite a number of projects at the same time, which is what I could never really pull off due to several reasons (but mostly it's just me being single-task oriented aka lazy). So mad props to him on that. For Sayako, he's been going back to revise Sayako's plot and dialogue, planning map layouts and lighting, as well as preparing assets in the digital art department.

Yuri looks so fancy and pretty >_>; I'm seriously getting a crush on her at this rate. Wayne always ditches her for sexy doors anyway

As you can see, comparing to the previous version which was shown in our last update, Yuri is much livelier and prettier now as Elements has improved the color renditions significantly. We're aware that this has made Wayne look much paler than he was, and Elements is getting on it, so worry not. Also, all characters in Sayako will be getting different facial expressions too~

Another thing he made recently that I'm glad he did and I can show off in a blogpost, is this background illustration of our horrifyingly haunted Ancora Hills Sanatorium. This background illustration will be used in our introductory narrative.

Needless to say, the colors are done marvelously as well in this one and I love it. Many thanks to Scinaya for helping Elements and the rest of us on this one.

A distant look at Ancora Hills Sanatorium, the actual setting of the game. The abandoned Sanatorium where the events of Sayako unfold.
Operational for 40 years, the Ancora Hills sanatorium served a vast number of patients while it remained operational, however, the reputation of said institution saw itself tarnished during the later run of its life, with varied reports of patient mistreatment and covered up negligence. The highly controversial case of Sayako Noguchi would become the last, yet greatest black stain on the records, right before the scheduled closure and decommission of the facility.

Today,surrounded by nature, the intimidating structure still stands and remains largely abandoned, becoming an object of urban legends and vandalism.


As for me, I've been revamping the entire Sayako tileset. And by revamping, I mean redoing (because I am dumb I dunno the actual meaning of the word 'revamp'). So here are a couple of sneak peeks into the work-in-progress tileset. They haven't been loaded into the actual sheets yet so I can't really make concrete in-game screenshots with these tiles put together yet. My apologies.

There are actually a lot more that have been done but they are all sort of random and I couldn't really slap them together to make a picture that would actually make sense lol.

It's been forever since I last actually wrote something worthwhile. It's getting me kinda excited all of a sudden.


In other news guys, RPG Maker DS+ Resource Pack is getting out in the RMW Store soon. Archeia_Nessiah has been working really hard on the epic trailer for it that I'm fairly certain will blow all your minds once it's up. So, please go and tweet her some encouraging words.


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I actually forgot to mention Yami but I guess that can be saved til our next update lolol. Sorry Yami ;~;
I tweeted the most encouraging word to Nessy ~<3

Also, I'm glad to see progress being made for this, keep up the good work guys!
Yami is with us in spirit for now ;~;
Great update, guys :)

I like the protraits a lot. And excited to see the revamped tileset.
;w; You guys are working hard and I am anticipating where this goes. The tiles are getting together and work seamlessly as a bunch and the characters are delicious as ever. Just keep it up!
Damn bro, that's some sweet work on the tiles. That palette is crazy nice!

Ellie-dawg, the portraits are also incredible, I love the colouring on Yuri's coat in particular. And damn, that BG.. make more, right now. D:
I actually forgot to mention Yami but I guess that can be saved til our next update lolol. Sorry Yami ;~;

wow poor me *lol*
anyway, nice job dawgs!
That explains the awesometastic encouragement I got in Twitter haha. Nice progress so far guys <3
if squallbutts was a misao category i'd win every damn year
Oh man, those tiles are sexy. Teach me your ways, Eag-san!
Oh man, those tiles are sexy. Teach me your ways, Eag-san!

Please stop calling me Eag-san/Eag-chan .-. it reminds me of horrible memories.
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