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Whisper of death

  • Elements
  • 01/18/2013 02:07 PM
Hello people!
A lot has happened since the creation of this landing page for the game, so I'll utilize this blog entry to talk about every relevant update which has taken place in the past 4 months version.

TL;DR version:
After an extremely busy period, Sayako's revamping has finally started.

Just for a quick memory refresh...Sayako. A survival horror game originally developed for the Mysterious August contest, though more than a horror game trying to scare the player, Sayako at its core is a game which tells the story of 3 friends, and how a tragic turnout of events changes their perception of life and the world.

Heavy exploration, dynamically generated encounters,a myriad of systems designed to make exploration interesting, puzzles, and a completely custom tileset created by EvilEagles, Sayako has always been a project both EE and I have been meaning to revamp ever since we first released it for that contest.

Back then we actually spent most of August planning and being busy with school,with EE working on the tileset, and me being focused on ideas for the game and rough implementations of them.

In a dramatic last week before the deadline, we managed to put everything together, along with all the respective debugging and eventing which that implied over the last 4 days or so of the contest, but didn't feel really satisfied with the end result, as we knew we still had a lot more planned and had to cut it off due to time constraints.

But now such limitation is out of the way!

As both him and me have been busy ever since, we haven't fully returned to polish it yet, but I get the feeling that time has finally come lol.

That aside, here are some concept sketches for Sayako:

And of course, EE hasn't been lazying off!

He asked Yami to help out to flesh out the many systems we had evented, and the result is real eye candy my friends.

This is the new Item menu which Sayako utilizes, comes with super smooth animations.

And of course, these are the new flashlight and stamina systems, characterized by being bug free smooth gameplay elements (a feature they lacked before lolol).

I can't really show it here, but the flashlight also works out really well, as it smoothly spins along the character, whenever they face a different direction, as opposed to abruptly just lighting up in the default 4 directions. The icons you see in both screenshots were made by EE, along every other graphical element, props to him and Yami of course.

Stay tuned for Sayako's Revamped release, her time is near~

Peace out from EE, Yami and I.