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Mario and Peach are on a cruise around the world when they happen upon a strange island called Star Paradise. A mysterious Star entity tells Mario of a long lost power, and that he'll need to collect the Secret Stars to find it. But beware! Bowser and his cronies are already searching for them! Can you help Mario collect the Secret Stars and open the Great Gate before Bowser?

This game is still a work in progress, and contains 2 complete worlds and most of World 3. I keep running into a runtime error whenever I try to add more levels or change existing ones, so this will have to do for now.

Important: It seems that I forgot to mention that Level 5 of World 3 was where I had to stop because of the error. I'm pretty sure that it's beatable, but it might be wise to skip that level entirely and move on to Level 6, which is complete. EDIT:Along with some minor changes, that level has been changed entirely, so there should be no problems.

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Did you customize any scenery for your world map? That can sometimes cause runtime errors.
Did you customize any scenery for your world map? That can sometimes cause runtime errors.

No, actually, I didn't. I used all the default scenery and tiles for the world map. However, would having too large of a level cause it to "Runtime Error: Overflow"? Because it sounds like it would. The one level that it keeps happening on has two very large sections, so I was thinking that might have been the problem.
This campaign is incomplete. I couldnt find the 5th red coin in one of the levels in world 3 even though i scoured the entire level. Also the warp to world 4 takes u to world 3, so I think world 3 is the final area. Several levels are quite frustrating, usually involving u needing to carry something thru most of the entire level in order to get into a secret area. It gets kinda annoying after doing this for that many levels. Though I didnt know this wasnt finished when I downloaded this, oh well
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