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NOTICE:This game is still in working progress but is still playable to the Level 3 Dungeon...I was a little bit excited with such a simple game that I wanted people to test it out and give feedback even before it is finished!!!Please give me feedback?

This game is exactly as it states in the Title. Dungeons after Dungeons after Dungeons after Dungeo.....I hope that you get the idea. The game itself does not have a story line and might never, unless I make a sequel. Because this game is only playable up to the Third Dungeon there is barely a story.

With 5 characters/actors, a total of 9 Dungeons/Levels, and one annoying Narrator; this makes up the Quest of the Monotonous Dungeon. Starting play as either a female character or male character, you travel through Dungeon Levels and continually wonder why you even entered this Quest. Even if you were able to play all of the levels there is no 'Boss Battle'. Once you are allowed into a Dungeon, you are always allowed in. The game will be complete with available quests from the people who live in the 'Rest Stop Town' between Dungeons and a Boss Dungeon just because any story needs an end.

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this game does not advertise itself very well
this game does not advertise itself very well

Yes, well that is because it is not fully finished yet...When I finish it, there will be more ^.^
no i mean just...the name and description make it sound unappealing
"My father told me this would happen."
On the contrary. I came to look at this game because of the title.
A dungeon crawler can be appealing, but there usually has to be a purpose to it to catch my interest. It doesn't need a lengthy story like in most rpg's, but there should be something. Even old NES dungeon crawlers had some type of story in the manual, if not before and after the game.

In any case, people shouldn't have to sign up a membership elsewhere to play a game (ie., Skydrive). If you ever get around to releasing a mirrored download somewhere else (either through RMN or Mediafire, for example), I'll consider giving this a test.
did someone say angels
You might as well title it "Don't Play This Game."
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
I was going to give this game a go quite simply because the sheer honesty of the title was a refreshing change and it made me want to see if it was indeed as monotonous as advertised. Not to mention the screenshots look like a bit of work has gone into them, though there are a few grammatical errors present but then we get to the download and it seems you've used MS Skydrive which means no-one can download it without having an MS account. Its not a good strategy to require your potential players to need to be signed up to something in order to be able to even try your game, they will simply move on to the next one, as I have.

If you do ever upload this somewhere that doesn't require registration, I'll give it a go.
You're magical to me.
Same here. I was drawn to this game simply because of the word "Monotonous" and I got really curious XD Hopefully this will get a download that we can actually access soon!
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