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Demo Edits

Nothing major, just changed a few things in the demo. I fixed the battles so they aren't as button-mashy or hard. I've also fixed that ugly-ass map and one or two little errors I noticed during my last play through. I'll probably do another round of fixing after YDSs LT.

Oh, and I'll be adding an LT (Let's Try) page with the LT links/videos. I think it'd be a good idea.


Added a 'Tips and Hints' page.

Okay, so a few people have expressed that they think the start of Celdran's Curse is kind of hard. The thing is that it is supposed to be hard. You're currently a child given a dagger for protection. You aren't proficient in dagger usage nor battles so, yeah, it's hard.

What surprises me is that not many people (as far as I can tell) have managed to find/unlock the sell and biscuit shops - which are a major help. So, I've added a page with some general (and not-so-general) hints.

If anyone has any questions about how to get what, or where to go at a certain part, please ask. I won't know that anything is too vague or hard if no-one says anything.

Anyway, that is all.

EDIT: Also, 'fixed' demo up (with a little more gameplay).


Woah! Over 500 downloads?

Okay so some of you may think that's not a big deal, but to me, it is. I'm surprised that Celdran's Curse has had so many downloads when it was never really one of my major games.

Well, here's to another 500, then!
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