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Okay, so there's a lot of people saying that it's a hard game. I get that. The first part of the game is intentionally hard, seeing as you're a kid and all. Don't be expecting to beat the crap out of all the creatures that you come in contact with in one or two hits. Kids don't hit that hard. So, here, take some general tips for surviving the demo in one (relative) piece.

TIP 1: You don't have to worry about getting a game over in the 'child' part of the game. Orcena carries a whistle which will bring an adult to her aid her if she 'dies' in battle. She will be teleported back to the camp sties and won't lose any items, money or experience that she gained. She will also be restored to full health, ready to kick critter tail once more.

TIP 2: Once you've collected at least one {Bug Legs} talk to the trader at the table to open the 'Sell item' menu. This way you can get money!

TIP 3: Spend said money on biscuits. To open the biscuit shop find the badge and give it back to the trader who lost it. Congratulations! You just found a place to buy health regenerating items!

TIP 4: Kill all the glowing lights (pedimils) in the caves. This will help boost your levels quite a bit - enough so that the boss isn't quite as hard. You can reach about level 5/6/7 if you go about and kill them all. Remember to check the nests, too. There are two caves in which to kill them.

TIP 5: Equip the silver brooch. To get the silver brooch talk to the Guard Captain on the first day.

TIP 6: Search everywhere for hidden treasures. You can find a {Red Bean Juice} behind some trees which will help out a lot during the boss battle. You can also find a {Headband} and {Bronze Bracelet} to up your defences.

TIP 7: Watering the blue flowers may give you an item or make you fight a mantis. Mantis' are good experience, but hit hard.

TIP 8: SAVE! SAVE on different spots. SAVE at any time. SAVE when you get a treasure. SAVE when you enter a cave. SAVE when you feel like saving. S-A-V-E!

TIP 9: If you don't know where to go, talk to NPCs, look for small differences and check items on the map.

TIP 10: During battles don't be afraid to refill your health. Spam biscuits if you need to. It's part of the strategy, really, and items are given to be used.

If you need any help - AT ALL - just ask (via PM or comment). I'll post up the answers here in <WHITE> so highlight the below area to see any answers.


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