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  • Liberty
  • 11/03/2012 07:20 PM
Ah, just made it in the nick of time!
So the project is finally done - and within the month, too! Yay!
I just got through a run with Decky and Indrah as play testers (hats off to you, dearies~<3 ) and fixed up a lot of the issues that were still prevalent. That said, there might be some things I missed, so let me know if you run into anything that seems out of place.

Now, I'll probably add up the walkthrough and credits list after I've had some sleep. It's been a long night. Enjoy the game and much thanks to all who were a part of Forest Map Madness this year. Keep your eyes out for the Director's Cut (which will contain the proper Father sprites as well as some extra content).

A friendly reminder that there's still some time to join the fan fun contest. Just check the Fan Fun page. Voting will happen on the 7th, so keep your eyes peeled for that, too.


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This game is really beautiful. I'm glad you're making a walkthrough, because getting lost in that forest can... make one mad >:D
(I'm a bad person.)

- The title screen and music is amazing. I love it <3 <3

- The maps are all pretty good.

- I love the atmosphere of this game!

- If I open the notes, there's a chance i'll see lightening hit my note pad. It's kinda funny :P

- Why aren't the clouds moving on the cliff map?

- I can't feed the fish ;___;

- There's a chipset bug on the map with the fish. You can see part of a tree missing.

- That map with all the cats, and that music... I love this game.


- I entered the map with the north, west, east, north puzzle, and see that part of the water is
rippleing when there's no lightening hitting it.

- The fog clearing up while I enter a map is really nice!

- When I enter the cat map, I can see the tint change, which is ugly.

- Part of a tree's roots is in the water, allowing me to walk on it.

- Why can I repeat the ghost cutscene? Is there a point to this? At all?

- Once I need to collect the fish, the game starts becoming a bit too confusing.

- Oh! I need the axe! Thought it was scenery :\ Thank goodness, I was getting tired of being lost.

- I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW I COULD ENTER ONE PART OF THIS CAVE. Getting lost is hurting my immersion.

- Going from a dark tint to a light tint of the same forest is very jarring.


- The ending was...*sigh*

Yeah, the cat scene was the climax of everything. It's so... good. Then it's followed up by a fetch quest I could never finish. =T.T=
Gonna have to pick this up again once the main version is complete.
I'm a dog pirate
Yeah, the atmosphere bugs, degree of backtracking, axe, ending, and near-hidden path in the cave are probably my only real gripes with this game. First one is easily fixable, second one can be fixed by including a "warp to the central map" feature, third one I'm sure Libby has plans for, and the fourth just by remapping the cave a bit.
As always, I'll fix what I can. Some things like the menu with the lightning is harder to do since it's a parallel process set to run. I was thinking of disabling the menu in those two areas but that might be a bit too jarring and I'd really rather the menu be accessed at all times.
I'm not so sure about warping to the central area, but maybe I could put warp points in the ruins where they'd make sense, so you could warp between those two areas. Anything else... not so much~

I thought I'd added a sparkle to the axe already, but again, I'll double check. There's already been so many revisions I can't remember which I've implemented and which I've not yet. I think I've implemented it, but not uploaded the current 'fixed' version (which needs some more fixing, apparently :P ).

Thank you for playing and I'm really glad you enjoyed it~ I'll probably wait until after the spriting for Conall is done before I update again - that way to have the best version possible. Seeing as there's nothing game-breaking at the moment, I think that should be fine. ^.^

I'll add up the walkthrough today some time, too~
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