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When the world is against you, all you have is each other...
Dragonstar will be a 2D Platformer RPG in which the character takes on the roles of a party of members as they journey across the world to protect Allia, the bearer of the Dragonstar.

Every ten years in the world of Astasia, a demonic force, known to the common people as the Var, attempts to invade and destroy the world as it is. In the year before the Var arrive, a special being, known as the 'Soulholder', is chosen to bear the Dragonstar, a special seal that will break at the arrival of the Var, and unleash the Dragon Lord Ignitus so that he may destroy the Var. But in this year, a turn of events may very well bend the balance to the favor of the demons...
Prince Cable, the coming king of the kingdom of Astasia, has secretly leagued himself with the Lord of the Var, Dragon Lord Thormus. And now, he is using the kingdoms own soldiers to hunt down the Soulholder Allia, knowing that if she is killed before the Day of Reckoning when the Var arrive, then the Var will be immediatelly able to destroy the world.
Delric, an errand boy for his mothers shop, happens to stumble upon Allia as she is being pursued by soldiers. In her desperation, Allia gives Delric her 'Crimsonstar', a portion of the Dragonstar given to a select individual that the Soulholder chooses. The bearer of the Crimsonstar is given unique abilities, as well as control over the Soulholders' personal dragon, in this case Allia's dragon being Ragnarok. Without choice, Delric joins Orthum, Allia's previous protector whom she did not give the Crimson star, and a band of mercenaries as they fight light and darkness alike to defend not only Allia, but the world, from obliteration.
Main Characters
Delric Vonhaven - Delric is a merchant boy for his mothers' shop. He's seventeen, well fit, an excellent fighter for his age, and extremely selfless. His entire life has been serving others and being there for everyone else. When he meets Allia he is given the Crimson Star, which gives him even stronger fighting skills and control over Ragnarok, a Greater Dragon. His greatest conflict throughout the journey is is developing infatuation with Allia. As the both of them grow closer, Delric begins to truly mourn over the fact that he is protecting her only for her to be killed.
Delric's fighting style is with two handed weapons, specifically large claymore's and zwiehanders. His signature weapon is 'Signus', a blade he is given by Grimml, a blacksmith who treats Delric like his son, before he departs with Allia. Signus is unique and will be commonly used throughout gameplay because it's stats evolve as Delric progresses. There will occasionally be weapons that are more powerful then Signus at the current level, but as he levels Signus will still eventually be more powerful.
Orthum Aubrey Orthum is the strange being who was protecting Allia before Delric took over. He is stern and always serious, but also wise and compassionate in his own detached way. To many he is considered evil and possessed, because he is a Demonica, one who sacrificed part of their soul to destroy a very powerful demon, which resulted in Orthum's right arm becoming demonically possessed. Orthum is a strange individual because he was a mage before he was a Demonica, and the combination of the two powers offers him both powerful spells and demon forms, but he is incapable of dying of old age, and the demons inside him have a tendency of coming out on occasion. Orthum states that since he can never die of old age, until he is killed in battle, he will devote his life to protecting the Soulholder.
Orthums fighting style is very quick and agile. He does not use physical weapons, rather he uses Chaos Shards that he inserts into his arm. These give him different powers and different demonic forms he can change into. His signature weapon is Elvadaigo, a Chaos Shard that he creates from the soul of Varlord Elvaigo. This shard allows him to take on a form similar to Elvaigo, and his spells are further empowered and carry a purple aura.
Allia Evernaine - Allia is a unique red head girl around the same age as Delric. She's always optimistic, and is extremely compassionate to everyone she meets, and hates any form of battle unless it is absolutely necessary. Her red hair is proof to the fact that she is a Soulholder, as crimson red hair is non-existent in the world of Astasia. Allia was originally a blonde, until at the age of fifteen, a red streak began to appear in her hair, and demons came and destroyed her family and home. She was saved by Ragnarok, a Greater Dragon created the day she was chosen as Soulholder. She is later found by Orthum, who takes her in and joins Ragnarok in defending her. When she is separated from them and pursued by a demon, she runs into Delric, and desperately gives him her Crimson Star. She is very attached to Delric, not only because of their bond due to the Dragonstar, but also because she loves his selfless personality, and says that she wishes she was like him at times.
She doesn't have a very unique fighting style. She uses staves for melee, but doesn't do much damage. In game all of her primary skills are to heal another character in the rotation. When a character is introduced to the party, she can learn an ability that will heal that character while their out of play if they are injured. She also has her own healing abilities, and several spells that use Ragnarok to deal damage.
(more characters and info coming soon)

Latest Blog

Astasia: Creating a New Fantasy [Part 1: The First Varstorm]

Hello everyone! And welcome to the Dragonstar Development Blog! This will be the first in a set of blogs describing the world in which Dragonstar takes place in.

In this blog I'd like to discuss my inspiration for the fantasy world that Dragonstar takes place in, Astasia, and the potential that it holds for future spin-offs and sequels.
Astasia is a single kingdom on the continent of Erzae, on a planet that is not named. It's environments range from mystical forests, to beautiful meadows, to snow capped mountains, to volcanic wastelands. Creatures of all shapes and sizes bring both prosperity and conflict to the five races that inhabit it: the Humans, the Tai, the Drakin, the Elvain, and the Cerill. But not everything is peace and prosperity...
Every ten years in the kingdom, a brutal demonic force that has been known since their arrival as the 'Var', a short term for demons, attempts to enter the realm and destroy all life. With the arrival of the first Varstorm, as their invasion is called, the southern region of Astasia became tainted and polluted with a demonic aura, and has since been known as Xylgi. In a selfless act, the lord of the immortal and powerful Dragons, Ignitus, plunged himself head first into battle with the Varstorm, and used every ounce of his energy to drive them back to their realm. In his state, he had to seal himself away in a very strong form of energy known as the Dragonstar. Ignitus would then choose a special being whom he would give the Dragonstar, and after ten years the Var would regain their strength and attack again, and in those ten years Ignitus would lay dormant and rest, and on the day the Var attack again, the chosen being would give their life to break the seal, and unleash Ignitus so that he may defend the world once more from the Varstorm. This process has been a part of the world of Astasia for nearly 200 years, up to the point when the game 'Dragonstar' takes place.


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I'm a dog pirate
I approved, and it looks good, but for future reference the guideline is 3 in-game screenshots; concept art and title screens aren't counted toward that total. Thanks.
Gotcha. I should be getting character art by tmrw or saturday, and I'll post some in game screenshots with UI and original sprites. I will keep that in mind if I do post another project! :)
Hey nice game can you tell me something.
what if two people on the web sit have the same title screen.
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