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Husband of Lydia Maine who went to her wife's workplace after her wife's apparent disappearance.


A worker of a pharmaceutical company situated in the middle of nowhere as to prevent prying eyes from getting their formulae. She went Missing In Action for a week, causing a distressed Damien to go after her. Current status are Unknown.

Origin Storyline
Lighting System (Obviously XD)
Stealth-Based System / Enemy AIs
Difficult Gameplay

For now, that's all I can provide.

Latest Blog


Hey you alls. I have no new screenies to add, unfortunately BUT! I finally arrived the final stage of devving the current part. There are now more puzzles ingame, 4 enemies type and over 40+ maps total (which brings est. playtime of 1h+ if I may be bold.)

Right now, I'm still polishing up the game in term of balancing, enemy AIs and improving maps. That's about it. So you can expect release in 1-2 weeks top.

And also, the old game link will be deleted soon. Thats it from me. Until then.


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XD. you need to check the Main Exit door. I reckon you didn't hear the voice acting and the text. It's on the Library.
I don't really understand the puzzle with the statues and the fountain. Help please?
Oh! Sorry, it was intentionally made to make it very hard.. The first letter of the creation name is the first number. Like Ancient Oven is hhe first number. Be sure to hear the voice correctly
So I got to the scene with Claire and the game tries to repeat the same thing again and freezes when ark is walking into a wall.

Edit: No worry, downloaded the fix :P
I stuck at the chess puzzle, while I moving chess figures small window pop up and it says... File/Audio/SE/037-Switch06 was not found. Can u add it pls?
Sorry for the late reply! Getting busy creating DISC 2. I will do it ASAP!
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
grr virus warning! :O
i started and am disappointed i cant skip the intro with all the people who worked on it or what not(can barely read it anyway lol...and i just want to play :O)

ok it was interesting but i stopped playing when you get to the pink fountain
as far as i can tell its a trial and error thing with 20+ combinations and i dislike that
as any logical code from the information provided did not work...
its not fun at all doing 1234,1243,1324.1342 ect

also when you 1st enter that area their does not seem to be a way to kill the zombies without getting hit the way they spawn :/

in anycase decent game that puzzle ruined it for me tho
Really really really stuck at the chess puzzle, :( :(
found 2 DLS Input M and DLS code M I dont's know code is now and ask me what the code ?
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