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Excerpt from Last Pages of Olivia Gillard's Notes

To you.

Those creatures- monsters. Or abominations.
They used to be humans, just like me and you.
They're also innocent. They didn't knew what
was corrupting their own body despite being
high intellect researchers and they've died
unjust deaths. And it's all because of that
evil BITCH's fault.

But right now, you have to take every means
available to survive. You do NOT want to become
one of those things. That much I know. It's either
you or them. And I urge you to choose yourself. Take
out those things if you have to, just like I have to.
And if its any consolation, they're no longer humans.

To anybody that reads this, I can only say I'm sorry
because you're going to survive alone. And I'm sorry
that it will take everything you have to survive.

'I'm sorry'... That's the only thing left that I can say
to you.

7th Senior Officer, Olivia Gillard.