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Bleeding and Skill Tree System

I'm so hyped myself. This week I implemented trait trees that you can use to increase Damien's ability in survivability.

Example : Improve green herbs usage effects.

Example 2 : Increase chance to land crit hit while shooting.

And then I added 'Bleeding'effects. Guess for who? Mwahahahahha of course the zombies don't bleed pfft. This nasty lil effect chips off your hp. You can counter their effects by not getting attacked or by upgrading traits. And they can incapacitate you for a sec once in a while. You will not be able to be totally immune to this effect which makes it even harder to survive.

The skill trees took me 6 hours divided to three sections to get it to work. So I'm more excited than ever to release it xD unfortunately I haven't had chances to make gif yet (newbie issues) hopefully I can uncover how to do it in three days time.

Oh and the easy zombies? You can throw them as far away as you can because I've made them harder, faster, better that you'd think twice to confront them or not.