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This one is for the All Hallows' Event! Trick or treat.

For those who have played the first Console Hunt will know what to expect out of this one! The boy returns and discovered that his NES Console was once again kidnapped by his mother and placed in Castle Satan! Will that stop our hero from gaming and re-join society?! NO!!! He will even face his own death to get that console back! Let the hunt begin! I'm Spirit Young and I approve this message.

New features include a larger area to explore, more power ups to help survive, more poo your pants moments and this time you can save your quest. There are also a few events that may not even be triggered in one playthrough! The game is a little longer than the first and I'm thinking later (who knows when) I'm gonna re-release both Console Hunts into much longer horror adventures!

And as usual . . . NOTE! You'll need this file to play!

If you get stuck here's a funny LP!


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All Hallows Testing Adventure Request!

Hey ya'll! I pretty much don't have anything going on with my life at the moment and I've got Halloween games to play! If anyone out there wants me to test a game for the All Hallows event just PM me with a link and I'll give it a shot! Same with my project if anyone wants to give it a test (it's on the way of being completed).
That's all for now.


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I'm a dog pirate
Hey, just a heads up: could you upload a third in-game screenshot? Thanks.

Looks good - I pinned it.
Alright! I've been busy with this one and it's already longer than the first Console Hunt! I'm hoping to have it finished around the 20th of this month!
Got a lot done today! The game is near completed, I'm just gonna go through it and make it thicker!
The game is done for now! Open to feedback!
I found a few glitches with the game I posted so far. At the beginning, if you get to a part where you are trapped (the switch room with the holes near the beginning) and can't proceed when you kill the first eye demon you found it.

Towards the end of the month I'll release a more "fixed version" of the game.
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