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All Hallows Testing Adventure Request!

Hey ya'll! I pretty much don't have anything going on with my life at the moment and I've got Halloween games to play! If anyone out there wants me to test a game for the All Hallows event just PM me with a link and I'll give it a shot! Same with my project if anyone wants to give it a test (it's on the way of being completed).
That's all for now.


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I found a few glitches with the game I posted so far. At the beginning, if you get to a part where you are trapped (the switch room with the holes near the beginning) and can't proceed when you kill the first eye demon you found it.
Here's some CC:
- I like what you did with the intro text.

- I love the sound effect when my character moves around.

- Nice touch on the skeletons making different sounds when I step on them.

- Good mapping.

- I'm loving these puzzles.

- The game's pretty spooky and fun!

- I like what you did with the last boss.


An improvement from the last game, and a very fun one at that. Good job, man.
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