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This is an entry to the 2012 All Hallows' Event game competition so don't expect it to be fantastic. It's meant to be made in a month, after all.

Ted isn't spending his Halloween at his friend's cool party. No, instead he's being forced to do something useful by his lame parents: babysitting trick-or-treaters. Despite wanting to ditch such a boring chore, Ted has been offered compensation for his time in the form of money - money Ted could use to throw his own cool party!

Ted escorts two of his neighbour's kids around: Felix and Rex, both of whom enjoy causing trouble and running off on their own. Getting bored, Ted decides he wants to cut things short and go home (maybe he can still catch the end of that party). When Rex asks if they can go to the next street of houses, Ted tells him that there's a scary abandoned house that they shouldn't go near! Being the adventurous type, Rex drags his sister off to go find it. Fearing he won't get his money, Ted follows them and finds the abandoned house he thought he had made up. Inside, he finds a portal which he follows Rex and Felix through.. into another dimension!

This dimension seems exactly the same as his own, but Ted finds there are a few certain.. quirks.. to be wary of.

A stealth based game where you'll be avoiding baddies. If you get caught, you'll be sent back to the start of the stage. I dunno how many stages this game is going to have just yet, but I'd like to get at least 10 short strips of "town" environment to venture through.

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I love this game. I noticed one bug though.

When I exit the bonus party level I try to go back to it and it sends me to the bonus level that comes before it. Why's that?

Anyway, great game!
I'm a dog pirate
I heard there may be a chance of a ghost.

Actually there are ghost coins. Oh well. :D
Looks like a cool game I'll download
Haha, thanks for telling me! Dunno why this game has suddenly become popular lately..
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
This was a short but mildly amusing experience finishable in around 10 minutes.
the sneaking concept was cool. pretty well done for the most part

didn't know it was possible to get something other then a D o.o
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