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Pretty nice idea...

I was not sure if I had to give a rating to this game since it is VERY short even if complete. But if you want my opinion this little scenario would deserve a 3-3.2 and no less.
Ok that's all for this review...

Nah I am joking!
This is a Resident Evil Fangame in which we play as Leon. As soon as he is freed by Ada Wong we take control of him.
Speaking about controlla I will post the list of the commands, since I do not think there are listed anywhere:

ESC/Z - draw/holster gun
ENTER/X - attack or take items/loot
SHIFT - reload gun
1 - heal with first aid spray

Ow, that's one of the big guys!

The mission? Simply escape a town populated by zombies!
Ok basically the game is divided in three parts:
First you have to find the radio and use it.
Then as the countdown begins you have to find the key of the clocktower, and then you have to enter the clocktower and combat to the roof.

But since this is Resident Evil you will meet zombies, normal ones and tough ones. They are rather slow and not very aggressive, you can probably complete the game without shooting a single bullet, but where is the fun then?

To shoot you havecto press ESC and draw the gun: doing this Leon stops moving and starts aiming, and you will control the sight. Then you have to aim and fire, remembering to reload and put away the gun and flee if necessary.
The combat system is a bit awkward since I noticed that shoots are very effective only if you are in front of the opponent (no diagonal shooting... or maybe they always miss, I do not know!).

Graphics are quite good, I like the sprites and the.overall style: colors are dark and zombies are nicely done, as are the few human characters. The city is the same from Fey but it fits the genre, it is creepy and not too big. I saw no problems with mapping and dialogues. The facesets/portraits are taken directly from Resident Evil, of course!

At the end the game will give you a rating based on the object destroyed, zombie killed and ammunition wasted. Nice!

In the end this is a little but nice game section that would fit a larger adventure. It's well done and polished despite being a short experience. A good job, ten minuted of fun, pity no more than this! This mini game, as mentioned before, gets a 3, as you may or may not like it, but despite this it's a decent job!

Time to leave, my friend!