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Progress Report

Process Report

Long time no see, and happy new year!
Here's recent steps of my project.


1. Removal of square grass
I've edited my tilsets to make them more natural. You can see these two images to find the difference.

2. Map tool bar
Map tool bar is prepared now. You can see status of characters from the bar, and quick accesses to item scene and quest scene are available as you see.


1.Battle Engine

Thanks given to Yanfly and Yemi! I'm using Melody Battle(Angle view). It's a really fantastic battle engine, having more features than SBS despite of its a little harder usage. My job is concentrated on sprites' drawing and skill making. Here's a screenshot.

* I've not translated it into English, hope for forgiveness. These words mean skills of Hugh.

2. Relationship

Relationship is important in Renascentia. Since it changes not only dialogues, but also your battle. Only if the relationship is good, characters like Tina and Dr Simon will follow Hugh's leadership. If their relationship is awful to some extent, they'll leave you. Here's the list of relationship.

Awful relationship: They'll leave you.
Cold relationship: They'll fight with you but you cannot control them. And you can see their emotions've changed.
Normal relationship: They'll fight with you but you cannot control them.
Good relationship: They'll follow your leadship.


About enemy (temp)

In Renascentia, there is no monster, but enemies do exist. They are called Revil, a group of creatures living on the shades in humans' heart. Actually, they just look like a shadow with eyes. Revil's life cycle has 4 steps: egg, larva, adult then the death.
Of course, they will interact with the player. Before you can find them, they are tracking on you or running away from you, which depends on their feature. It's a bit hard for you to find them, since they are transparent until they are close to you. But you can use a skill named "Concentrate" to detect them with a cost of 10 mp(Mind Power). When you concentrate, you can get 5 seconds to check where they are. It's a system like time-limited radar i guess.


Well, first BLOG lol. I give it to memos to avoid me forgetting them...OTL

So, first is my credits memo.(Miya: Can you pick up anything else more interesting?! JessicaYYF: Sorry, i can’t.)


Enterbrain (Most graphics, involving tile sets and characters, like so on.)

(JessicaYYF: No Enterbrain, no Renascentia. Miya: Why does Enterbrain always make me recall Matrix...OTL)

Celiana (Tile sets, face generator, some items, etc)

(Miya: You can find her tile sets and faces in my screenshots. I do appreciate her. JessicaYYF: Me too.)

FSM/MACK (Tile sets, items, CHARACTERS!)

(JessicaYYF: The former version of Renascentia used plenty of Mack's tile sets, since during that period i played a well-done game named 没有神的世界(Fate.Inheritance - World.of Eternity - ), which used Mack's tile sets GREAT!! Miya: At that time, there was no use of such scripts like Ultimate Overlays and Autolight, so mapping was still based on traditional methods. But the author do an endeavor to create a beautiful world with limited resources. That's the game impressing me deeply. And... Miya: STOP! You enough.)

Hanzo Kimura (Tile sets, most of them are plants i think.)

(JessicaYYF: Why is Valkyrie Stories cancelled? sigh...)
(Miya: Why is Valkyrie Stories cancelled? sigh...)

Aindra (Cute fishes, awesome item characters)

(JessicaYYF: Aindra's items make the world more vivid.)
(Miya: So you have more reasons to touch NPC'S ownings?)

Fanal Fantasy Tactics (Animations, prototypes of portraits)
* Resources from http://www.spriters-resource.com/

(JessicaYYF: My favorite SLG game, because of her pretty writing.)
(Miya: OH NO, i've been defeated several times by red chocos!)

Eiyuu Densetsu Sora no Kiseki (Hugh's watch )
* Resources from one tutorial DEMO named Eiyuu Densetsu Sora no Kiseki style menu.

(JessicaYYF: This game is very welcomed in my country.)
(Miya: And i like Joshua Bright.)
(JessicaYYF: Yeah, they all like him.)

MOG (Shop Menu's graphics)

(Miya: You used to use MOG menu as your main menu, right?)
(JessicaYYF: Yes, but my usage of MOG menu has been made fun by my friends. They said "Hey, another MOG menu's brother, er?". So, well, maybe it's time to move forward and do some changes.)

monteellis (A painting in my op. But i'm not sure about author's name, since i find that painting in google pictures.)

(Miya: The painting caught my eyes when i first saw it. It meets the scene well.)
(JessicaYYF: So i tried to edit it to make it more compatible.)



*Resources from Emule and other music forums.

(Miya: My mp3 is filled with her OST. What about you?)
(JessicaYYF: Me too.)

Kow Otani
*Resources from Emule and other music forums.

(Miya: Ailes Grise is a nice anime, which deserves our love, though it has been ignored because of its slow pace.)
(JessicaYYF: Yes.)

Dolce Triade
*Resources from Emule and other music forums.

(JessicaYYF: We've been lost in LAST EXILE.)



(Miya: No Enterbrain, no Renascentia.)
(JessicaYYF: Again.)


(JessicaYYF: ...)

=======================fly me to the MARS==========================================

(Miya: So, that's the end of the memo section.)
(JessicaYYF: I'm confused about one thing.)
(Miya: What?)
(JessicaYYF: Who are you?)
(Miya: ...)
(Miya: Your reflex arc length can be a little shorter.)
(JessicaYYF: Answer me first.)
(Miya: I'm you in the mirror.)
(JessicaYYF: ...)
(JessicaYYF: It's time to watch BTOOOM!, good bye.)
(Miya: Hey, WAIT! MY TURN TO WATCH Polar Bear‘s Café!! GIVE BACK MY LAPTOP!!)

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