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Happy 1st birthday Story of Integra and happy 96th independence day Finland! How's The sequel?

I wrote a blog about the creation of Story of Integra and a some information
about the sequel. You can read it here. Subscribe to it, if you haven't yet.

Happy first anniversary Story of Integra!
-Matias "Tosi-Taku" Ahonen


The page for the sequel is up!

So I finally managed to create a logo and get a few decent screenshots.
The page for The Godslayer is up and waiting for your subscription. :)
Don't be intimidated by the target completion date, it's just a number.
Feel free to ask any questions you might have concerning the sequel.

Join the wait. It'll be worth it!
Matias "Tosi-Taku" Ahonen


Also on facebook


Working with the sequal and a little "self-googleing".

So... the rpgmaker.net page for the sequal. Nope, not just yet. The game is still in "super-alpha-state-of-production", so I don't have any decent material for the page. Therefore, I have nothing to show you. So stay updated, the page for the sequal will be there in the future.

Creating Story of Integra was a great experience and it taught me a lot. I hope I've learned from my mistakes, and because of you, the gamers, I know what was good and what was bad. Hopefully "The Godslayer" will be an unforgetable experience. It'll be hard, maybe even harder than Story of Integra. I refuse to make easy games. But I'll assure you, it'll be a tale will be worth playing through.

About the music in the sequal: I've subdued :) one of my friends (extremely musically talented) to compose the whole soundtrack of "The Godslayer", so expect some nice tunes. We already have over 20 music tracks, and yes, they are amazing. I'm sure he'll be posting some blogs in the future (when the page is up).

And lastly: I ran into something very interesting in Youtube. This fellow "Chaosknight201" has actually made a "Let's Play" of sorts about Story of Integra.
Check it out and give this guy your support.

Thanks for your support!
Matias "Tositaku" Ahonen


Guide completed

The guide is out. It contains spoilers about the game so it's recomended to only read the parts you're need. It's not a walkthrough, so if you're stuck in the story ask help at the forum.
It does contain:
-Some frequently asked questions
-Guide concerning the playable characters
-Stats and locations of all equipment
-Guide to defeating the skullmarked quest bosses

I hope it helps!
Thanks for the support
Matias "Tosi-Taku" Ahonen


Writing some guides.

I'm very happy to see that many are enjoying Story of Integra and I'd like to thank everyone who gave the game a try. I never thought it would get this much notoriety.

I've noticed that the skullquests have been giving many players some difficulties so I think a guide could help a bit. First planned to write a walkthrough of the whole game. Sadly I realized when I got to the second chapter that it would require too much time, time that I could be spending in the sequal.

I'm currently writing a guide concerning the skullquests and the more challenging bossfights. I'll also make a guide about the characters (strengths, weaknesses, secret weapons and skills). I might finish the whole walkthrough eventually, we shall see.

Finally I'm happy to announce that the sequal is coming along nicely. It'll feature all custom music and all custom battlers. When I have some screens that I'm happy with, I'll create a profile for it. Those who have not completed the game yet and seen the teaser for it, the sequal will be titled "The Godslayer" and the hero will be your favorite thief Matik.

Thanks for your support and apologies for spelling errors ;)
- Matias "Tosi-Taku" Ahonen


First patch, one day after release. Embarrassing...

I'm sorry for releasing an clearly unfinished game. We did some last minute additions to the game and it didn't workout that well. Please download the patch or the new version. There shouldn't be any game breaking conflicts.
And again, I'm truly sorry.



It's done. After a lot of testing and fixing it's ready. Try it and review it. Feel free to notify me of bugs if you find some.

Progress Report

Going beta, it's almost completed.

A short status update:
I don't seem to find major problems with the game anymore, so now it's up to beta testers to find some glitches. Depending on how the beta testing goes, the game may be released before the original release date.

Progress Report

A year in developement

About a year has passed since I started just experimenting with RPG Maker. I kinda liked what I was able to create with it. At first it was just supposed to be a little adventure with characters from our tabletop roleplaying game just for fun to our playgroup. Then I got more intrested in telling a whole backstory of a character and creating a game that anyone could play. Integra was a perfect candidate: she had a dramatic past and the character had a lot of personality. Although some compromises had to be made, it was fairly easy to import characters abilities and looks from D100 Eeria RPG.

Learning the program was a lot of trial and error, although I was fortunate to find that there were lots of tutorials to be found. I guess the community has been reduced a lot since the early days of RPG Maker, but it makes me happy too see there are still some faithful RM creators and players.

Now the game is almost complete, only minor tweaks and balancing issues are required. This is something I have to thank my devoted playtesters for. They've been running the game from the very beginning to the end credits countless times, always trying to find something that I've missed, and been very successful I might add. :) It is possible that the game will be released before the estemated release date, but only if I'm absolutely certain there are no more glitches and all characters and enemies are fairly balanced. There are bound to be some spelling errors I'm not capable to recognize myself. Although my friends have already pointed out hundreds of them so far.

The game will be out soon and it will be a blast. The unique story is guaranteed to get you hooked. :)
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