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Mind Gate:


In the forest, south of the city lives a man, a very average man. This man is known as Michael James. Getting to know him is easy, for the fact that theres not much to him, but, deep down somethings growing. As Michael leaves home and starts on his way to work, something happens. A light from the sky shines, and from it a door appears. Unknown to him, this door is just what he needs. Michael opens the door, and a wind from inside pulls and pulls. Michael is pulled into the Mind Gate.


Michael James.
Name: the Mind Gate
Name: the Sage
Name: Rick James
Name: "The Antagonist"
Mind Gate will feature 10 playable charaters, 7 basic, 2 hidden, 1 Powered up.

special Note:
till i finish a demo of mind gate, im going to be leaving the download for crystal emblem.

Special Thanks:

a big thanks to kentona for allowing me to use items from his games, both Hellion & Hero's Realm. so, thanks.

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Set back

OK, so I've started working again on this project, But I haven't spent time on it in such a long time I kinda forgot the plot. Haha... Its crazy. But insperation has been knocking at my door, so look forward to work being done soon. I have brand new thoughts on things that can be done. The joy of game design has returned, look forward to some of my best work.
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One of your characters is named Rick James...?
One of your characters is named Rick James...?
I am an inspiration to all.
I don't know, I gave up hope when everyone got more fixed on the name of a character then the game and story.
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