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Request - Level/World-Designer (not especially graphics/mapping)

  • Itaju
  • 12/09/2012 06:04 PM
Hey folks!,

yes, I am still working on this game, but to speed up the progress I am looking for someone (ore more people) who are willing to assist me in developing and conceptional design of the worlds. :)

What this does include:
- Concepts of sidequests (describing Quest Givers, Dialogues, etc.)
- Concepts of areas and dungeons (drawing sketches of maps, treasures)
- Concepts for NPCs

What this might include:
- ideas for monsters and bosses
- input for main story progression

What I do not need are graphic artists (this is what I am doing all the time).
Mapping is not necessary as well (because my maps consist of many essential events for the jumping system or battles). But you could create raw sketches of maps within the maker that I just have to fill with the tech-stuff. (those sketches would show the walking paths, positions of monsters and chests -> I do the rest).

Everything mentioned above has to fit within the Lore of my game so we have to discuss what kind of stories and ideas do match my game. I do have some standards regarding quality of the presented work so I might refuse if your work won't match my expectations.

What you get?

- FAME (by assisting in one of the most aspiring Action RPGs released on the RPG-Maker)
- having your ideas being brought to life by my pixel art
- being mentioned on a prominent spot in the game's credits

Contact my by a personal message if you are interested!


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I'd be willing to do this, if you'd be willing to trade.

My second game has a unique battle mechanic (well, not compared to yours but it's pretty over-complicated, monsters have a mechanism that blocks physical damage in battles based upon variable) and I wonder if you wouldn't mind "trading". If you can help with coordinating monsters to each other (I'd explain later, but it's a complicated matter of matching the monster to the setting, to the attack, since the attacks are based on switch skills so we have stuff like BiteA, BiteB, for more than one monster on the screen using such an attack). I need help organizing what enemies have what attacks (they can't have the same monster attack), so I can customize battles better.

Also, I'm not much of an artist. But I can draft schematics, given what you've already done in terms of maps, and what you tell me you've done since then. These schematics might have ideas in terms of walk/jump paths or other such (and I've done maps before with multiple vertical layers, including a mountain town with a series of progressively higher rope bridges).

People have probably PM'd you already though.

Nevermind, I simplified things.
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