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*NOTE* You will need to download the latest RTP in order to play this game, which can be found here (You will have to register your name and email)

In the year 1306, after several gruelling wars, the world leaders of Sandail held a summit, and unanimously agreed to sign an international peace treaty. And as pen was put to paper, swords clashed in a far off corner of the world as The Knights Family fought valiantly to destroy the diabolical quell known as The Egg. An artefact that reveled in the bloodshed as it absorbed the anima of those who fell in battle. And over the course of one day, Sandail was finally enshrouded in the tranquility that came with peace.

Now 100 years later, the once benevolent Finney Empire has turned its back on the Peace Treaty. And as war looms on the horizon, four heroes brought together by destiny will be thrown into the conflict, and tested against all odds.

Meanwhile, in the midst of all this. A strange person who carries the name of a Hero of legend appeared. Has he a hand in the oncoming devestation that will sweep the land? Or is he too, just another pawn of fate?

Steel Spirit SaGa is a fan-made sequel to SaGa Frontier 2 (Though you won't have to play SF2 in order to understand the story) that is divided into 4 scenarios. Originally Steel Spirit SaGa was going to be an entirely different game altogether. But the writing took me in a direction that made me decide to make this a sequel.

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After stepping away from Steel Spirit SaGa for a while I came back to it and finally combed through what I've done so far to remove any bugs and glitches I've come across. I've also made some changes to the game as well.

Bugs fixed:
-When pressing one of the switches in the Kynoch Ruins the screen no longer blacks out.
-An impassible tile in the Wide Lighthouse has been fixed.
-A glitch in the Save Erin sidequest involving one of the guards has been sorted out.

Changes made:
-Zach doesn't receive his power-up skill until later on in the game.
-A few aesthetic changes to towns and some dungeons.
-Increased movement speed on the world map.
-A few dialogue changes.
-Quells no longer trigger skills when used.
-Toned down the difficulty at the start of the game. The Birchwood Forest should no longer kick your ass.
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  • 10/19/2012 10:07 PM
  • 07/25/2017 07:25 PM
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Never played SaGa Frontier 2, but might as well follow this fan sequel. Also, all these screenshots are great.
Never exactly played a SaGa game before, but this looks pretty good~ :)
Looking pretty sick, will download and give it a shot in the morning
Thank you everyone, however TheGowans, looking pretty sick, and being pretty sick are two totally different things, I'll most probably get laughed out of rpgmaker.net for this XD
No way man, I'm sure it will be awesome. Looks like you put a lot of effort into it from a mapping perspective (haven't played yet). Seeing it gives me drive to get my game up to this standard (all 4 maps xD). I'll give feedback when I play it tomorrow (its 3:20am now so yeah)

Edit: Actually fuck it I'll play now, got a day off work tomorrow anyway

Edit 2: Alright started playing, and I gotta say I like your intro graphics, the text could do with a speedup. Main thing- I picked Verstus (is that spelt right?) And when I get thrown into that first battle I instantly win as no enemy appears. Is this an error or intentional?

Edit 3: The whole scene with the sword is on a repeated loop at the moment aswell.

Edit 4: Alright chose Zach this time, I'm liking it but I can't help but feel that the font colour for damage in battles needs a change, couldn't see what damage I was doing. Also, what program did you use to make that window that come in when you get items from chests? Cos it looks sick and I need to make some myself rather than steal the LOTPS ones.

Edit 5: I'm enjoying the plot (poor zach :( ) had me laughing a few times when I met the princess which I think maybe 1 other rm game has made me do, the writing is great, but where in the hell are these ruins? I ended up wandering around the world map for a bit and then walked into a forest where the enemies absolutely pounded me even when I used 'charge up'.

Anyway, must sleep now, passing out soon.
Edit 2: Yeah, I timed the intro and chapter text to synch in time with the music, I either add more text, or keep it as it is, and I don't wish to bore the player too much.

Edit 3&4: Yeah, only Zach's story is available at the moment, If I could have seperate text for damage I would, but the colour fo the font goes with the window skin, and the chest message window? Messages, my friend ;)

Edit 5: I do try to place some humour in my games, and about the difficulty of the game, that is an overall bugbear, best bet is to save Zach's charge command for bosses, with Zach not being of an element his normal attack is powerful against standard enemies.
Edit 2: Ah makes alot more sense now, was a really sick looking intro regardless

Edit 3&4: Oright fair dos again, would be nice if it was possible to have multiple fonts but not too much of a problem.

Edit 5: Ah so the forest was the right place then? It seemed a little bit crazy that the enemies were pounding me though and I had no skills or abilities to use on either character. How do you mean save the charge? It seemed I could use it in every fight.
You can use the charge skill, but it drains 10hp for every turn it's in effect, so it's not a good idea to use it until the Princess has learned cure.

Edit: I should do a slight walkthrough, or elaborate on the hints and tips page a bit more.
Ahhh that makes alot more sense now, is that the only state in which Zach can access his special moves? Or does he get some weaker ones for when uncharged?
He can only access his special moves when he powers up, He's naturally strong against any monster. because his element is Steel.
I see, I'll play further tomorrow, could you confirm the forest is where I should be? Or should I look harder/talk to more people first?
After you exit the Kynoch border, head south, that forest is where you should be, you can get some extra items and equipment from the village near the forest.
Right now im stuck on the ruins where's a torch or random combustion on the is needed for ruin walking. =|
When you first enter the Kynoch Ruins, you'll see two unlit torches by door which is barred shut, both torches need to be lit for the door to open, the switch to one of the torches is in the entrance room, the second torch is in the area to the right of the entrance.
I'm a huge SaGa Frontier fan especially of 2 and the one that came out on the Ps2. It was damn hard to spark new moves; is there a similar system in place here along with HP and LP?
Ah... Not really, I'm not that good at eventing, I'd have liked to incorporate a HP and LP system,but I'm just not that good ^_^;
How do the two systems work? I might be able to give you a starting point for the eventing for it.
Well, for some attacks LP is used up. When hp is fully empty, your LP is susceptible; when it's empty you're dead. When the battle's done your HP's restored but your LP won't if it was reduced during the battle or by an attack. It's a factor that made a lot of the boss fights and even some random battles difficult.
Hrm so its kinda like your HP is an armour rating and LP is life points and mp combined?
I got some time so I'll see what I can come up with for you.

Edit: Here's what I'm thinking. Make it so that the hero cannot go below 1hp (or the dbs will auto kill them.

In the battle have an event page in the monster group for when each character is on 1hp and do some stuff which puts the damage on their mp, if mp is 0 set hp to 0 aswell.

MP will be the LP basically, now I just gotta work out how to do it.
I can only seem to find 2 plaques in the ruins. Are some hidden? I have the sad man and I believe the sudctress. EDIT: Nm found one outside, so I just need to look harder.
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