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A Demo About Protector And The Others

This is a demo review.
This is a review for the file which is downloaded on June 4, 2017. I didn't record my playtime but i think it's around 6 hours. I haven't finished the game because of a collision "bug" in the game (the dev is still not responding to the issue so i think i should put a review before i forget everything about the game).

Steel Spirit SaGa is a turn based RPG game with multiple characters. Each characters have their own story and sometimes, they'll meet each other. However, the demo only features one character, a freelance guardian who goes to town to find jobs and stuff.

I absolutely love the graphics. The graphics look beautiful and the mapping look gorgeous (especially the mapping for Wide!). I only find it weird that on some screens (in the palace), you'll exit the area from the north just to find out that you're on the east side on the next screen. I also love the UI that the game has, especially on the character selection screen.

Cool UI.

The music uses retro music. I love the battle and Wide bgm. The Wide bgm is so relaxing and the flute sounds great while the battle one sounds challenging.

Although i'm not familiar SaGa Frontier 2 (or any of its series), i can understand the story very well. The story turns out great (especially the prologue) and Zach's attitude to his party members are hilarious; he's really talking to the point without any hesitation at all.

That's cold.

Also, if you pay attention to the two screenshots above, you'll notice that they use different fonts.

Although the story is great and all, you can't skip the intro in each chapters (nor make it faster).

Lastly, i want to point out that i can pass through obstacles (ghosting mode) after i enter the castle in Kynoch for dinner (the game is also very laggy at this point). It fixed right after i get the next quest in Gruegel.

The game
The game starts with one party member in the party. Some party member will come and go after that. However, i find it weird when a party member (Useph) leaves the party by disappearing into thin air.

I love the skill level up system where you have to cast your skill several times to raise your "elemental level" (based on the element of the skill that you cast). I don't see much variation with the sword skill though although i'm sure a variation of that one will be great.

The main menu opened very slowly. I tend to get impatient whenever i try to save. You might want to make it as faster as the other transitions in the options that showed up afterwards.

The characters don't have a fixed speed; they usually walk very slowly (even after you sprint with shift) and sometimes they walk very fast. I think it's because i tend to hold shift after screen transitions.

This is what happens when you hold right arrow when you're about to report in Gruegel.

While there are some tutorial on the first fight, the game doesn't cover any tutorial about magic. I didn't know that you can cast magic by selecting it in the item- I thought that i have to pass through the first dungeon using the main character's special skill which cost HP every turn.

The magic itself works differently from other games. There are these orbs (in item option) which will help our magicians to cast skills that cost some MP (which is not even explained how many MP it took). The weird thing is that you still can use the "item" after you run out of MP. While there are these orbs that serves as a main attacking skill for the magicians, the magicians will also learn some skill later on and it'll be hard to conserve some MP to use these skills considering that the orbs will sap the MP out of them.

I played through ~5 dungeons in the game. I find that the random encounter in the dungeons are too high and i also think that the first dungeon (forest) is somewhat harder than the second one (ruins). Some dungeons don't have a boss although some has one. The boss itself isn't that hard to beat although you have to walk back to the dungeon entrance after you clear the dungeon.

There are some puzzles in the dungeon that i can't seem to solve. The first dungeon can't be explored after you progressed with the story so i assume that the dungeons are only available for a limited time.

The game also has some serious collision issues. Sometimes, i can't proceed to the next area although i'm standing in the right tile; i have to move one tile back and forth to enter it (probably because i'm holding shift to dash). I also can't proceed the game due to collision issues.

I can't seem to go left.

- Four different story (although it only has one playable character atm)
- Great leveling system
- Great story

- Collision issues
- Speed issues
- No magic tutorial
- High random encounter rate
- Hard to understand "puzzle"

This is a game about several people which has a connected story later on (although it's still not explained in the demo). The game has some serious collision and speed issues and the random encounter rate is somewhat high.

Final rating: 2.5/5
This game looks promising although i think that some issues (especially the collision and speed) and bugs need to be addressed first.


I also found a bug in the game:
- When you interact the switch in the ruins (the one right from the entrance) and exit the room, the screen will black out.